How Can You Get Temporary Residence Permit in Russia?

People have to migrate from one place to another for many reasons. In some cases, we migrate to a new place on a permanent basis and in some cases, migration is based on a temporary basis. Migrating within the state of the same country would not be a matter of hassle. But, a lot of rules and regulations are there when you want to cross international borders. Apart from a few countries, most of the countries of the world have strict as well as complicated migration policies. If you are thinking you moving to Russia, you need to attain temporary residence permit in the first place.

Do you want to move to Russia permanently or temporarily?

Whether you want to move to Russia permanently or temporarily does not really matter, as you should start this process by applying for a temporary residence permit to Migration Department of Russian Government. Now, a temporary residence permit can be given in two ways. The first method is to allow permit on quota. The second method is to provide permit without quota. If a foreign individual who is married to a citizen of Russia applies for a temporary residence permit in Russia, he shall be granted permission without any quota.

How to Immigrate to Russia faster
How to Immigrate to Russia faster

Documents Required for Temporary Residence Permit in Russia

Individuals have to collect application forms from the Office of Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia. This form has to be filled up properly. Information provided on it should be truthful or authentic. Along with this application form, applicants shall be asked to provide certain documents. Furnishing these documents is important and here is a glimpse of the documents that you require:

  • An application letter – it must explain our purpose of moving to Russia
  • Four passport size photos
  • Passport and other identity validation document
  • Police certificate of no criminal records in past
  • Income papers of applicant
  • HIV certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Document that confirms that applicant is no drug addict

In addition to these documents, a few more documents are required for concluding application process. In case if you want to apply for temporary residence permit without quota you need to show up the following documents.

  • Marriage certificate of applicant
  • Birth certificate
  • Document that confirms legitimate relationship with a Russian citizen

Biometric requirements to immigrate to Russia

There are certain restrictions on temporary residence permit seekers. For example, applicants have to undergo mandatory fingerprint registration. If you are moving to Russia to find jobs, besides temporary residence permit you must attain work permit. You need to apply for it separately, after attaining your temporary residence permit.

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