Immigration and Customs Enforcement increased in USA as Promised by Donald Trump

President Trump’s entire election campaign was based on some crucial reforms, one of which was stricter immigration enforcement. The administration has increased their efforts on delivering on that specific promise. This was evident by the operation conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials across the country with probes related to illegal immigrants and undocumented workers.

Stores Raided Across Country to Check Illegal Immigrants in USA
Stores Raided Across Country to Check Illegal Immigrants in USA

Stores Raided Across Country to Check Illegal Immigrants in USA

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conducted one of their largest operations to date and the largest one under the trump administration as a series of inspections were done across many Seven Eleven franchise stores across the country. The raid was conducted on Wednesday morning as Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials visited almost hundred seven eleven outlets as a part of their inspection to do employments record audits. The stores were located in more than fifteen different states ranging from California to New York. It has been reported that a number of these stores were located in the state of New York with sixteen stores being inspected there alone.

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Thomas Homan has lauded the success of the operation and reiterated the message that was sent by the raid. He voiced his views regarding the fact that it should be clear to US employers that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is going to be vigilant about illegal immigrants who work as Undocumented workers in these jobs. He also said about the people who are found violating the law and how they should be held accountable. His sentiments have been reiterated by many committees who lobby for stricter immigration enforcement and reforms.

The History of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and their operations

The history of the US enforcement agency has been different under the administrations of the predecessors of Mr. Trump. Earlier under the administration of George W. Bush, the agency attained notoriety for conducting raids in places such as factories and meatpacking plants as well as the residences. In a big scale operation in the state of Iowa, the agency rounded up at least 400 individuals for the living and working in the country illegally.

The Obama administration largely concentrated their efforts on deporting immigrants who are convicted of a crime as well as border crossers. The administration also stressed on auditing the records and checking on the I-9 forms that are mandatory for submission.

Coming to the efforts of Trump administration, it seems to be combining the two altogether for a different approach that is stricter on the issue.

Signal Clear to Illegal Immigrants- get out of USA- Trump is watching

This operation of the agency had one objective in mind and that was to send a clear message about the stance of the government. This was evident from picking the famous Seven Eleven chain of stores that are omnipresent in the United States. Many immigrants have worked here in the past and continue to do so today as a precursor to a better life. This operation will make it clear to everyone in the United States that violation of Immigration norms will be taken seriously and those found in violation will be held accountable.


Raima Sen

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