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Ensure Necessary Paperwork and important documents for immigrating to Canada

Whenever you visit a foreign country, there are certain documents that should always be with you, such as the passport. Without supporting documents, people can be denied entry to a certain country. All countries have rules and regulations regarding paperwork for travelers and immigrants. Canada also has a framework in place for that. Thus, before immigrating to Canada, make sure you read up on these rules and have the required documents with you. Read on for pointers and advises to keep in mind about the important documents for immigrating to Canada.

Some paperworks are essential for entering into Canada

Pre-Arrival preparation- Carry Settlers Effect List with you before Immigrating to Canada

When moving to Canada, make a detailed list of all the items that you will be bringing with you. These items may accompany you to Canada or arrive at a later date. The list should contain detailed descriptions and the money value of the items being imported to Canada. This list is known as the Settler’s Effects List. It is one of the essential documents required at the port of entry. Make sure there are copies and the list is typewritten.

While on your journey, there comes a time where you will be handed a declaration card required at the checking point of Customs. Fill this form out beforehand to be submitted at the port of entry. Remember, this is not the same as the effects list. You should declare every item on which fees and duties might be payable such as alcohol, tobacco, Cash or other regulated items. Declaring them in advance protects you from fines and seizures that are applicable.

 Point Of Entry in Canada- Important Documentation for Interview

When you reach a point of entry, you might have to go through an interview process. Given that you have the documents in order, this process shouldn’t take long.

There’s a list of documents you should always keep on your person. These documents are:

  1. A valid passport for every person entering Canada.
  2. Document supporting the permanent residency of the person.
  3. Settler’s Effects List
  4. If it is required, an Immigrant Visa to Canada.

It is always advisable to have Xerox copies of the documents handy with you. Keep a digital back up of all the necessary documents in a secure place.


Health Status Declaration

These documents provide information regarding the vaccines you have had in your home country. For different countries, there are different vaccination requirements. If any vaccination is missing from the documents, contact a physician and get their required help.

Financial Declaration

You are only allowed up to 10,000 Canadian dollars to bring inside the country. Anything above that should be declared in the customs declaration form provided to you. Failing to do so and then being caught can lead to confiscation as well as penalties.

There may be other documents required of you depending on what you bring in or what may be the case of your immigration. Things such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s license with an international permit and other documents may be needed. Make a folder full of the original documents and another one with copies. Remember to prepare your documents carefully to ensure a smooth immigration experience.

So, while packing makes sure that along with the other things you also pack the important documents for immigrating to Canada


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