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Things to keep in mind while applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Applying for your visa can be a cumbersome and tiring activity. Not to mention the amount of effort involved in getting everything right, there are some obstacles. Adding to your woes are the agents who claim to get you a visa for anywhere if you are willing to pay the right amount. So it is advised to go through proper channels to get your Canadian Tourist Visa. Now, it can be easy to get lost in the rules and regulations part of the process. So here are some tips to guide you along the process.

Canadian Tourist Visa – Requirements, payments and documentation

1) Always go through proper channels for applying any Visa in Canada

Whenever it is possible, you should apply for your visa yourself. It gives you the control of the process and you can make sure yourself not to miss anything. And as mentioned before, always go through registered travel firms and avoid agents. This will help you avoid overpaying for your visa. You can consult the official website for help if needed.

2) Visa forms and payments- Understand the correct fees to be paid

Applying for a tourist visa for Canada can be surprisingly easy. The process is very easy and not that painful when compared to the others. There are very few forms to fill which you can download from the website. On the website, you can also see the amount you have to pay depending on the sort of visa you are applying for. Just remember to be connected to the internet while filling the forms as there is a validation process that you have to go through.

3) Documents Verification and ensure you submit all details required to apply for Canada Tourist Visa

This is a very crucial and key part of your visa application. There is usually a list of documents that you need to provide along with the visa application that you have to submit. What you should keep in mind is to not miss submitting any documents that you were asked for. The application center website usually has the checklist that you can download and make sure you do not miss out on any documents required for your application.

4)Submission and Collection of the Passport – for applying Canada tourist Visa

After making sure that you have every document in order to support your visa application and for approval of your visa application, there comes a time to submit your passport. There are offices of the application center that are present across the whole country. It is recommended that you visit the nearest office by yourself. You can find the nearest location by using the website. The processing can take up to two weeks. Keep a track of your application online or through text alerts.

5) Making cheaper Travel Arrangements while applying tourist Visa for Canada

Remember to arrange the tickets for your journey beforehand. It is recommended that you plan ahead and book a return ticket to avoid any hassles. You should also make your staying arrangements in advance. This can be a financial risk considering the rejection scenario. To avoid that, you should make refundable bookings just in case. In many visa applications, it is necessary to present your travel plans.

Thus, keep in mind these tips to make sure you are informed about the Canadian Tourist Visa process and to make your trip a happy one.


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