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Immigrating to Canada: Cost of Living and Other Related Factors

Canada is a beautiful country to live in. From metropolis cities like Ontario and Toronto to small but spellbinding towns like Chetwynd and Dawson Creek, the country is blessed with alluring scenery scattered throughout its terrain. However beautiful it might be, the cost of living here in Canada can be pretty high ranging from cities to cities. Deciding on where you live is a pretty important factor. Immigrants migrating to the country should keep in mind the associated costs of living and settle for a place to live accordingly. So here are some points to keep in mind before immigrating to Canada.

Tips to remember before immigrating to Canada

Pre-Arrival Checks

Always keep an eye for the rules and regulations that govern your home country as well as Canada. There are certain limits and regulations on what you can bring in the country. Check with a legal or financial expert on the limits of cash you can bring. Regarding import of items that are not to be taxed, you can visit the website of the Canada Border Services Agency.

Before immigrating to Canada, it is essential that you prove that you can support yourself financially. That can be proved via correct visa documents or financial documents if required.

Cost Of Living and Major Expenses

When moving to a new country, people often misjudge or don’t know the difference between the standards of living in the two nations and the costs associated with it. What you are used to in your home country might not be enough in Canada. People spend almost half of their income for paying off these expenses. These include the housing costs, food, insurance, transportation and utilities such as heating and electricity.

Expenses explained

  • Housing will be the most that comes out of your income. Depending on the kind of housing and the location that you choose, the cost might vary. But in broader terms, people spend up to half of what they earn. You can either rent a house or buy one with a long-term loan. Just remember to make a budget and stick to it.
  • Insurance is something you should never neglect. It might seem costly now but it can be lifesaving in the future. Depending on where you live, decided if you need to buy extra insurance. Do apply for a health card as soon as you can. You still might need to buy prescription drugs separately.
  • Transportation is another major cost of living, depending on how you commute. The public transport system is good. For personal use, you can lease a car, buy a pre-owned car or even a new one depending on your finances. Just stick to your budget.
  • Certainly not the least of all, food is a necessity. Now there are many options for you to try new cuisines or making your own meals. Depending on your finances and time, plan accordingly.

There are other expenses such as clothes you wear, paycheque deductions and various taxes that you might have to pay. Thus, keep in mind these expenses before immigrating to Canada.



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