Want to work in Netherlands? Do you need the Netherlands work permit work?

The Netherlands is a beautiful country that boasts of great allure that surrounds it and the great living standards that the residents of this country enjoy. This makes Netherlands a good place to live and work. Working here requires a permit. Almost everybody who is not a European Union citizens need a work permit to work here. There are different kinds of Netherlands work permits for which you can apply. To help yourself know better, read on.

Netherlands work permit is required some categories of work, while there is no need for permit for some other kinds of work

People who do not require Work Permits to work in Netherlands

Anybody who resides in the European Union including the countries of Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein do not require work permits for working in the Netherlands. The nations who are a member of the European Union give their citizens a distinct privilege. Citizens of such countries have the freedom of movement amongst the European Union and thus exempting them from requiring a work permit in Netherlands.

If you are not a citizen of the above-mentioned region, you require a work permit. Certain professionals with shorter duration visits also do not need a work permit, provided they have a valid visa.

Working in Netherlands- Different Work Permits Explained

Depending on who you are and the nature of your work, there are certain kinds of major Netherlands work permits you can apply for. They are:

1) Working in Netherlands- Single Permit or GVVA

The GVVA is the combination of the TWV work as well as residence permit. It specifies the employer of the expat and defined the working conditions for which the permit is granted. The employer petitions for the employee’s behalf for the work permit to be granted. The application is made to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Department. The department appointed for the advice of the Dutch Social security agency, decides to grant the permit. There are certain conditions under which the Single permit is not granted. You are advised to read the full terms and conditions.

2)Highly Skilled Migrant Permit

This Netherlands work permit is granted to foreign national who are highly skilled in the area of their expertise. There are certain conditions specifying who can be granted a highly skilled migrant permit. Those conditions include educational background, area of specialization as well as past work experience. All this is done to verify the conditions of the work permit. There are specified income requirements in place also for the highly skilled immigrants depending on age as well as other conditions.

3) Immigrating to Netherlands- Zoekjaar Permit for Expats

This is a special kind of permit of residence granted to foreign nationals who are students or recent graduates. Depending on where you have studied, permits are offered to graduates for seeking jobs in the Netherlands. The work permit last for a year after which, if they have not found employment in the country, they are required to leave.

4) Entrepreneurial Work Permit for working in Netherlands

People who wish to start up their own business in the Netherlands may apply for a Work Permit related to that. The Decision on this is a little different from the other permits. The Immigration and Naturalization Department seeks advice from the relevant authorities and decides on point based system. Points are given based on reasons ranging from type of business to the national interests.


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