How to Send Money Home Cheaper

Transferring money overseas can be a tricky and expensive proposition. Unless you are aware of the right resource to transfer the funds, you can end up paying upto 6% or more as currency conversion charges.

Comparing rates from various sources can also be a herculean task. What if there is a resource that does all the spade work for you and offers you the best rate from trusted, top rated money transfer companies using the peer to peer exchange technologies to transfer money abroad at most competitive rates

A Currency Exchange service- that is available 24 hours a day and is fully transparent


Wirecompare offers a service that can take away all your headache of finding a suitable source to transfer the money abroad at most competitive exchange rate. The interface used by them is simple, can be done 24 hours a day online and you get all of these great benefits;

All you have to do is to select the currency which is to be converted to desired currency. Instantly, as you choose, it shows up various options of top rated companies that can exchange currency and transfer money and also indicates the time taken by these companies to transfer the funds.

Online Money Transfer Services- Safe, fast and Economical currency transfer rates
Online Money Transfer Services- Safe, fast and Economical currency transfer rates

When timing to transfer money is everything.

The options also show the transfer time taken by each of the option shown, so that you can select the service that delivers fastest delivery

Want to wait for better Currency Transfer rates?

Not satisfied with the rates and options? It also offers you to option to get alert when rates drop more than the level opted by you such as more than 1%, more than 3% or more than 5%.

Currency Exchange with No Hidden charges

With many currency exchange portals or banks, you have to beware of hidden charges. At wirecompare there is no other fees or charges as charged by them and thus you get the rates which are lesser than as charged by commercial banks for transferring funds

Would you also like to stay updated with latest news in the currency exchange market to make decisions? Wirecompare also offers a news section on their portal where you can stay updated with news in the currency exchange market


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