The SPP rules for the Canadian Study Visa, Read here the details

One of the vibrant and the most exciting locations of the world is known to be ‘Canada’. Getting an application for visa approved for the same is like a dream come true for many. Every year the number of students who choose to conduct their studies there is around 13000. This is in addition to the many others  who have applied for a Canadian visa to learn English or French. Know below the details of SPP Rules for the Canadian Study Visa.

SPP Rules Canadian Study Visa

The major advantage of the Canadian visa is that it gives the freedom of learning along with working. The CAAN world consultant is the world’s highly experienced educational consultant, which has the ability to help you reach stage in securing a Canadian visa.

CAAN world can provide you all the assistance required to get the Canadian visa, if you dream to do your studies there. The organization will take care of everything, from the immigration expertise, detailed information on the  process of immigration and much more.

 The eligibility criteria for SPP Rules for the Canadian Study Visa:

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter from the educational institution, you will have to submit the applications for student visas. But before you could submit the Canadian Visa Application, you have to ensure that you can fulfil the below given criteria.

• You must have received a letter of acceptance from the institution or school from which you want to do your studies.

• You should have enough funds at your disposal to pay the school fees and you also need to prove the same. Also, you should be ready to make living arrangements in close proximity of the school.


• Your intention should just be to do studies and get back home. This intention should be clearly demonstrated to get the visa.


 • A medical examination will be conducted, which should be passed by you.

• You might be required to get a temporary resident visa, as the case may be.

There are several amendments in the SPP rules. And as per the recent rules, you should have got six bands in the IELTS which should not be less than 5.5 bands in each module. All this just to apply for doing an undergraduate course. In the same way when you apply fro graduate course, you need to score 6.5 bands in the IELTS and in each module a minimum of 6 bands.

For all the living expenses the applicants are required to deposit $10000 in the GIC, at the Scotia Bank, as per the new rules.

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