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Atlantic Canada Invites Immigrants, Launched Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program

Atlantic Canada has introduced AIPP, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program for the skilled workforce and international students who want to migrate to regions such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.

Canada as a country has always shown that they are open hearted and compassionate to accommodate the refugees at the time of need. This action is also based on the grounds that many areas of Canada have negative population expansion.

Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program Details

As per Government’s new policies, these immigrants are being directed to the provinces of Canada so that these regions can be populated with the workforce using the ideology based social contract. Atlantic Canada is one such area, where there is a high requirement of the people who can come and stay there as permanent residents.

Most of the immigrants and refugees entering Canada are making Atlantic region their home and having the pleasure of getting a maritime lifestyle, beautiful view of lighthouses on the rugged coastline and amazing Celtic culture of the places like Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and other locations in Atlantic region.

Places like New Brunswick have seen more deaths than births in the past, and the place has second lowest fertility rate in the country. The same situation is being faced by the other locations in Atlantic Canada as most of the population in these sites is getting older. Hence, the government of the province is seeking more immigrants who can stabilize the population by staying there.

Though the Atlantic region of Canada is well known for its coal mines, yet limited money is raised through the consumption and income taxes. The necessary moves the government needs to make are related to employment insurance and immigration. These levers should be handled in such as way that the provincial sensitivities are also taken into account and complied with.

The region has more unemployment rate than most of Canada and hence the slow economic growth. However, the recruiters in the Atlantic areas have tried their best to fill this gap by hiring the international workforce.

Drawing the Immigrants towards Atlantic Region

As per experts, most of the young generations of these areas have moved to Central and West Canada, and hence, the situation now has become more challenging regarding the demographic locations. Initially, no policy or program was designed to manage the loss, but in the year 2000, the federal government became aware of the situation in the area and started working on the strategies and programs around the immigration.

Various PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs) were introduced by the Atlantic Provinces to attract permanent residents. However, because of the capping on the number of immigrants that can enter any province, it was hard to allow more migrants to come to the Atlantic area. So, the leaders of these regions requested the federal government, to help them invite more immigrants so that this problem can be resolved.

These PNPs were successful and led to the more diversified population in the Atlantic area. This was possible mainly because of the joined efforts of the federal government and provinces. The latest collaborative endeavor is “Employer-Driven Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program,” which offers additional immigrants to these regions beyond PNP limit.


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