How to apply for Canada immigration as truck driver in Canada?


The unemployment rates in Canada are very low. So, sometimes it is difficult to find foreign truck driver in Canada who are qualified enough. That is why Canadian trucking companies are now hiring workers from foreign countries to work in Canada for full-time employment. Around 200,000 skilled workers come to work in Canada every year. But there are some basic eligibility and legal terms to work as Truck Drivers in Canada.

Basic eligibility to apply for Canada immigration to work as Truck Driver in Canada

  1. The age should be within 25 to 55 years.
  2. You must not have any police record for the last 5 years.
  3. Driver’s license must have accident free record.
  4. Must have a Class 1A driver’s license.
  5. Must have a temporary employment offer from an employer in Canada.
  6. You should have a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit from Human Resources and Skill Development of Canada.

Basic steps to apply for Canada immigration as Truck Driver:

  1. The employer has to apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)
  2. The temporary job offer of the truck drivers needs to be extended by the employer
  3. The truck drivers can apply for work permits
  4. The permit is issued

What is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)? How to get one to work as Truck Driver in Canada?

LMIA is the document which gives the permission to the Canadian employer to recruit foreign truck drivers for their company. It shows to the Immigration Service of Canada that these types of labors are not available in Canada so the employer has to bring workers from other countries. The 80 pages LMIA include an application form and several related documents. Often it happens that the employers get the help of immigration consultants as they don’t have the proper idea of the application process and neither do they have enough time.

But in the following cases, LMIA is not required to work as Truck Driver-

  • Workers under NAFTA agreement
  • Post graduates who hold temporary work permit
  • Working holiday permit holders
  • Intra Company assignees

Extension of Temporary Job Offer in Canada as Truck Driver

To extend the temporary job offer of the truck drivers an employer should send a copy of LMIA and job offer letter to them. The job offer letter should include- Job Profile, Salary details, Requirement of the temporary position, Proper details of the employer and other important information. The job offer with the LMIA must be granted by the Canadian Immigration Department.

Work Permits to work as Truck Driver in Any Canadian Province

Canada has a very good reputation in the global market that’s why many foreign truck drivers want to come to Canada for truck driving. After getting LMIA foreign workers must apply for a work permit before they start working in Canada.

Drivers coming without Visa can apply for a work permit at Canadian Border. It is the simplest process. Those who want work permit and Visa both, can either apply online or send an application to the Canadian Visa office.

What to do when the Work Permit as Truck Driver Expires

Long-haul truck drivers who want to stay in Canada after their work permit expires can apply to few provinces which apply immigration option especially for them. The few provinces with the facility are British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. For all the above process you can take help from the immigration consultancy but make sure they have got the license from the Canadian Government.

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