How to verify the NRI groom in Canada before marrying your daughter off abroad?

Are you planning to marry your daughter to an NRI groom? Have you checked all the details before? If not, then please do it because there are so many cases in which NRI grooms turn out to be frauds. To avoid such circumstances please confirm everything beforehand.

NRI Groom
Verification of NRI Groom before marrying your daughter off abroad is very important to avoid any hassles later on

Precautions that need to be taken while marrying your daughter off with NRI Groom

  • Most often we find people finalizing marriage which is such a vital thing merely over the phone. Never make such a mistake. You must always see the person and then talk about the matter.
  • There are so many middlemen and bureau functioning with the tags “Find NRI for your daughter”. Never trust them blindly. They will take money from both the sides and make your daughter marry to someone who is far from being an NRI.
  • Never agree with anyone on forging papers or any sort of documents. No matter who tells you to perform fake transactions, never do it.
  • If someone comes and promises you that he can get your daughter a green card to Canada if you marry her to him, then don’ believe him.
  • Do not go into any sort of migration scheme that involves marriage. No migration scheme or any other thing of that sort involves marriage.
  • Many people finalize their decisions in secrecy. Never do that. It is your daughter’s marriage. There is nothing to keep hidden. Many a time, you will get information from others which you may not have known. So it is better that you let everyone know to whom your daughter is marrying.
  • When anyone asks for only a registered marriage, do not agree to it. Do not agree to a marriage that is promised to take place somewhere far off.
  • And last but not the least never agree when anyone asks you to hold the wedding in any other country.

Documents to be checked for the NRI Groom before solemnizing Marriage 

The following documents of the NRI groom need to be checked:

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Social security number
  • Voter card or alien registration card
  • Documents of bank accounts
  • Tax returns for past three consecutive years
  • Property papers

Resources to be contacted for verification of NRI Groom

You must contact the following people for checking the credibility of the NRI groom.

  • The Indian embassy in the foreign country
  • The employer of the groom-to-be.
  • The groom’s local associations in your country if any
  • The relatives of the groom in your country if any
  • Any friends of the groom in your country

Now that you know these details please keep them in mind and never agree to any form of dowry. Have a social ceremony. Following all these will prevent any form of fraudulent activity.

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