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Do I need a work permit for Canada to stay and work?

What is work permit for Canada?

A work permit for Canada  is an authorized document that is issued by a legal officer, allows an individual to get the permission to work in Canada. Generally, this permit is required by those individuals who are not the citizen of Canada. This work permit is valid basically for a particular job, employer or period of time. It is issued on the basis of Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada.

Work permit for Canada is required to officially stay and work in the country for a definite period of time.
Work permit for Canada is required to officially stay and work in the country for a definite period of time.

Can I turn my visitor visa into work permit in Canada?

If you hold a Temporary Resident Visa – Canadian visitor visa and you wish to apply for Work Permit in Canada, then you cannot do it while staying in Canada. In order to apply for the permit, you need to get back to your own country and submit the required application for the permit through the immigration programs. This also depends on your ability to cope up with the requirements. There are a number of occupations that do not demand the need of work permit.

How to apply for work permit for Canada?

To get a work permit for Canada you can apply online. For online application, one needs to have access to a camera or scanner to develop electronic copies of the required documents. These documents need to be uploaded as well. A credit card is also required for processing the necessary fees.

Conditions for work permit for Canada

At the time of issuing Canadian work permit, it is possible that officers can impose, cancel or change certain conditions. These include the following:

  1. Employment type
  2. Specific employer for whom you can work for
  3. Tenure of work
  4. Where you can do your job
  5. Work timing or work period

Eligibility for work permit for Canada

One needs to be eligible to get the work permit for Canada. He needs to be eligible under the Canada’s Immigration law in order to get permission to stay in this country for a specific period of time.

  1. One needs to ensure that he can satisfy an officer that he will leave the city at the end of the employment tenure.
  2. He should not have any criminal record and be law-abiding. A Police Clearance Certificate is also necessary.
  3. You should not be a danger for the security of the country
  4. Should pass the medical exam
  5. Not have any intention to get employed in any dangerous work that is harmful for Canada’s security and economy.
  6. Provides all the necessary documents to establish the admissibility

Do I require a Canadian work permit?

If you are not a permanent of the country, then you would need to get a work permit to stay and work there for a temporary basis. You can get an exemption, but it depends on the type of job you are getting into. Mostly, one needs to get a work permit to officially stay and work in the country.

In case you are an employer of the visa-exempt foreign national, then you can get in touch with the International Mobility Workers Unit in order to get an opinion regarding whether the individual you wish to hire needs a permit or not.

What are the advantages of Canadian Work permit visa?

  1. If you hold a work permit visa, then you can easily stay and work in Canada for 4 year
  2. You can apply for permanent residency
  3. You can get your family to stay with you. In fact, any member of the family can apply for study or even work in Canada.
  4. You need to keep track of the working period in Canada or the total time you have worked there because once the tenure of 4 years is ended you will not be eligible to work in the country for the next four years.
  5. The nationality of the applicant as well as the nation of applying plays a major role in determining the time of processing the permit. The application time varies around 2-7 months.

How to extend the work permit in Canada?

Generally, one can get a work permit of maximum four months and after that, it needs to be renewed if he wants to continue to stay and work there. Every work permit has an expiry date and one needs to renew it before the due date.

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