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Latest Policies for Foreign Nationals Who Wish to Work in Netherlands

Foreign Nationals and Employment Permits to Work in Netherlands 

For the foreigners who are willing to work in Netherlands should satisfy certain requirements. Workers from other countries working the Dutch labor market are vital in filling the gaps. Based on various factors including country of origin, to be able to work in Netherlands, the foreign nationals will require an employment permit.

Work in Netherlands
New Rules to Work in Netherlands

Free Movement of Labor in EEA REE Regarding Work in Netherlands:

The European Economic Area (EEA) and the Swiss nationals do not require a work permit and are free to work in the Netherlands.

Croatia has been a part of the European Union (EU) since 1 July 2013. All the Croatian nationals must have an employment permit in order to be able to work in the Netherlands.

Combined Permit(GVVA):

Applying for a GVVA or the combined residence and employment permit is essential for all the foreign nationals from outside the EEA and Switzerland if they are willing to work here for a duration more than three months, as of 1 April 2014. Either of the foreign national or his (or her) employer has to apply to the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) for a single permit for working and living in the country.

Exemptions From GVVA:

Certain groups of foreign nationals have been exempted from applying GVVA. Although, they must apply to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for the employment permit (TWV). These people need to apply for a residence permit to the IND.

These groups include:

    Seasonal workers

    Foreign nationals intending to work for less than three months

    Asylum seekers


    Employees of an international company who are backed by the Netherlands


What are the Conditions for Granting An Employment Permit to Workers From Outside EEA who seek Employment in Netherlands

An employer from outside the EEA is given employment permit only under the following conditions:

    The vacancy has been open for a minimum period of five weeks; if the vacancy is hard to fill (as determined by UWV), the minimum time limit required is three months

    The employer has been unable to find a suitable candidate from an EEA country

    The employer has used all the possible sources and has taken all available steps like advertising, to find a candidate from the Netherlands

    The employer has applied to the UWV for the employment permit, or to the IND for a GAVA. The employer must also be able to fulfill other requirements for GVVA or the employment permit.

Some employees who are from outside the EEA and belonging to the following groups do not need a permit:

    Workers with a residence permit containing the note ‘arbeid is vrij toegestaan’ (‘permitted to work’); it is sometimes applicable only for a given period

    Highly educated people who can be instrumental in the growth of the knowledge-based economy, including highly skilled migrants

    Self-employed workers who carry out their work-related activities on their work permit

What are the Cross Border Services:

If an employer operating in the Netherlands from the EEA employs foreign nationals from a country without labours’ movement, its workers do not need an employment permit. However, the employer is accountable to ‘duty to notify,’ which means that it must inform the UWV in advance about the workers in written format.

Thus, if you have any doubts regarding the work permit in Netherlands, you can leave a message in the comments below. We will help you!

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