Some of the most common FAQ questions on immigration rules and regulations for marrying a foreigner in Canada

Flying to Canada is a dream of almost everyone. But, not everyone gets a chance to fulfill their dream. There are many people who do not able to fly to Canada owing to their non-eligibility and fail to get requisite CRS points. Sometimes, it so happens that we wish to marry someone who is living in another state and we do not know how to tie the knots due to the immigration rules and regulations for Marriage Based Visa. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada based on marriage visa and have any question, then we can help you out.

A quick look out at the Canada immigration rules and regulations for Marriage Based Visa
A quick look out at the Canada immigration rules and regulations for Marriage Based Visa

Immigration rules and regulations for Marriage Based Visa in Canada- Common Questions Answered here

Below we are stating some of the common questions that are related to marrying a foreigner:

  1. I am a citizen of Canada and wish to marry my partner who is residing in Greece. She is presently spending her vacation in Canada. We want to marry. What is the legal procedure for it?

Both of you need to prove your identities. Make sure to prove both of you are single. The application needs to be completed followed by a fee.

  1. I want to spend my vacation in Turkey with my boyfriend who will be coming there all the way from Iran. I am a citizen of Afghanistan and presently residing in the city of Canada. We wish to get marry in Turkey and for that I need to prove I am single. How can I prove that?

You just require to bag a Statement-in-lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad from either the Canadian Embassy in Ankara or Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. To get the same documents from Afghanistan, you would need to get in touch with the authorities of Afghanistan as well.

  1. My husband became permanent Canadian citizen recently and both of us are married legally as per Canadian laws. I doubt whether the certificate in Alberta is valid in Vietnam?

The certificate is definitely valid in Vietnam, but it needs to be translated into Vietnamese and get the same notarized. As Canada is not an Apostille convention signatory so in that case you need to do a little more to get the Alberta marriage certificate notarized. For this you can contact with one of the following: a) the Canadian Embassy in Hanoi b) the Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City c) the Vietnamese Embassy in Ottawa.

  1. I dwell in India and my girlfriend lives in Canada. I want to visit Canada to marry her. Need to know the legal matters related to the same.

For this you will need to get a visitor visa first. Once you get that you can get into Canada and complete the marriage procedure without any worry.

  1. I am a Canadian citizen. My fiancé dwells in the city of India. After tying the wedding knots to him, for what duration do I need to stay in India before getting back to my own country again? Is there any specific time period for which I need to dwell there to ensure that my wedding looks real and valid?

As you are hold the citizenship of Canada, there is no need to stay anywhere to marry someone. But, when it comes to sponsoring your husband, you need to show your relationship with him is valid.

  1. I am recently planning tie the wedding knots with my girlfriend who lives in Venezuela. I am from Canada. I want to know that whether it will be best to conduct the marriage ceremony in her country or mine? From the aspect of immigration, please let me know the best possible option.

In case you marry in Venezuela, you will need to simply get the marriage certificate authenticate in order to use it for international basis and translate the same into French and English. On the other hand, if you marry in Canada, then your fiancée just need to get a visa in order to come down there.

If you have any more questions on immigration rules and regulations, then you can contact us. We can help you in solving your queries related to Canada immigration.

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