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Indian IT Experts To Benefit Trump’s New Immigration Policies For The US: Know It How?

After Trump had taken over the oval office, he proposed few policies, amongst which one was the new immigration policies about H1-B visas and visa holders. Trump’s new immigration policies have taken a toll worldwide, especially in India. There was a decline in the stock market prices for Indian tech companies and a disastrous situation for Indian techies willing to fly to the states.

But later this week, the Trump’s administration confirmed that the H1-B visas weren’t a priority for them but controlling immigration to the United States of America is.

Trump just wants to increases the investment capital in the states and wants the countries, citizens, to be employed rather than the outer world taking their places. But the trump administration assured that “there was a sense that there is recognition of the contribution of the Indian Tech Sector.”

How will Indian Experts Benefit from Trump’s New Immigration Policies?

Trump's new immigration policies
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  1. Trump is willing to execute a ten scale point system to restore the integrity of the immigration system in the US. This step is towards national defense. Indian experts are more experienced and are going to top this point system. This is going to help even the Indians already in the States waiting for their H1-B visas.
  2. Trump wants to encourage and bring Indian students and entrepreneurs onto the US soil. For that, he has even proposed a plan for merit-based student visa processing this week to give the bright students their rights.
  3. Trump has been criticizing China his whole campaign and stated them as the “currency manipulators.” He plans to increase the trade tariffs for China, thus giving a clean cheat for more business with the Indians.
  4. He has given Pakistan a tag of the semi-stable country and home of terrorists. There are chances for strong India-USA defense ties countering terrorism. This will give more opportunities to the Indians and Indian companies.
  5. A policy of banning the “Premium Processing” has been passed, which would be effective from April 3rd, 2017. Now everyone has to go through the basic lottery system and wait for their chance to come. This will give skilled Indians an equal platform and better their chances to get their H1-B’s.

Though the Trump’s new immigration policies may seem bitter for the world, but he and his administration clearly values the Indian contribution to the world and the United States. He indirectly supports Indians but just wants to strengthen the USA’s defense and put an end to terrorism.

His statements and the proposed policies show a green flag for the Indian IT experts that the USA still have a place for them. India has to gain a lot from his policies and the competition for the job in the USA is going to get narrowed down when there would be more Indians coming from the Asian countries.

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