University Supports International Students affected by Immigration Policies in USA

United States, 6th March: Ohio University supports international students affected by immigration orders. Among help offered by Ohio University includes housing and other support services for foreign students affected by Donald Trump’s immigration policies in USA.

University Supports International Students affected by Immigration Policies in USA
University Supports International Students affected by Immigration Policies in USA

University supports international students affected by immigration Policies in USA

US President Donald Trump’s executive orders have banned foreigners’ travel to the US from seven Muslim-majority nations. This includes people from Iran.

A landing page having details regarding the university’s response to Trump’s actions pertaining to US immigration policies has been established by Ohio University. Ways are being discussed by the Ohio University for helping its international community, said Dan Pittman, the official spokesperson of the Ohio University in an email.

University supports international students affected by immigration orders through Campus accommodations

University’s international students can get campus accommodations during the coming summer months, Pittman informed. This will be through a collaborative efforts of ISFS(International Student and Faculty Services), Housing & Residence Life and Culinary Services. International students who had planned to return back home for the summer but cannot do so due to possible future travel ban must approach ISFS, he stated.

Trump has clarified his intention to appeal the decision of banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations. The White House might consider a new edition of travel ban.

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University supports international students affected by immigration orders through waiving of fee

The Ohio University’s Division of Student Affairs has proposed to waive the “Well Being fee” for an international student wanting to access the Counseling and Psychological Services of Ohio University but has not paid the fee at the start of the semester.

University supports International Students affected by immigration orders—a Public event

A Public event was organized by the Ohio University with immigration attorneys last week. A question-and-answer session was held for those having queries about US immigration policies under Trump administration.

International Student and Faculty Services of OU can be contacted for getting detailed information regarding the assistance to international students and others.

Trump’s potential ban affects international students

An increasingly high number of international students enrolled in US universities are on edge due to Trump’s potential travel ban. Trump’s travel ban has already singled-out international students from seven nations.

There are thousands of foreign students currently in the US that could get affected by the US immigration ban, travel ban. In addition, students who are overseas and wanting to coming to the US may now look to Canada for immigration. Its not only students, even US colleges and US universities are finding it hard to grapple with the looming uncertainty over US President’s immigration policies.

New Immigration Rules may Hamper Job Hunting Plans of International Students in USA

Trump intends to restrict the number of US visas. This includes US H1-B visas used by tech firms for hiring skilled workers. New rules will jeopardize things for students not having a future employer with an employer who wants to sponsor them.

The future is quite uncertain. As for now, majority of colleges and universities in the US are asking students from affected nations not to travel outside the US.

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