How to Exchange your Home for free Holiday Accomodation

Hospitality and house swap services are fast gaining popularity where by tourists from one place can stay in house of other person for free and in return the host can stay in the house of tourist for free when he happens to visit that country or city. Similarly, in house swapping the persons agree to swap their houses for agreed period of time.

Clean, Elegant and Accommodation right where you Prefer

With such arrangements one can get elegant accommodation in the city or country of visit and location of your choice that burns no hole in your pocket.

Choosing Such Accommodation Simple- just at click of the mouse

Locating the right accommodation like this is Simple. Just register your account with house swap, enter few details, upload the picture of the house you want to offer for exchange and voila. It is done. You can see other members listed offering their accommodation for exchange.

Registration on site is free

Process to swap the house is simple

  1. Just sign up at the website, and list your home and other details for listing
  2. You can include short profile of yours
  3. Add the picture of the house, the room you want to offer and of local attractions if you wish to
  4. You can choose the country and city you want to visit and you will be able to see the options available to choose from. In addition, you will also be able to see the option available in nearby areas to help you choose accommodation that is right for you.
  5. Send the enquiry to the person whose accommodation has been shortlisted by you and check the dates available and finalize the deal


Before finalizing, you can also check the rating given by other users on the accommodation

In Which Countries can the accommodation be swapped?

See the Picture below indicates the countries, virtually covering all the major countries, where the accommodation can be swapped or hospitality services availed.

Accommodation for house swap for free holidays
Accommodation for house swap for free holidays

So, if travelling around the globe is your passion let expensive hotel room charges may no longer deter you.


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