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Masters of Science in Canada: Higher studies in MSc means better career in Canada

Nowadays, students are making a beeline for studying Masters of Science in Canada in the hope of being equipped with higher education. Moreover, there is an increasing number of better employment opportunities over there. However, the shoe still pinches over the fact of whether the very decision of going to study MS in Canada is at all feasible, especially for a student from a middle-class family.

Career Prospects after doing Masters of Science in Canada
Career Prospects after doing Masters of Science in Canada

Career Prospects after doing Masters of Science in Canada

Immediately after completion of Bachelor of Technology or sometimes even much before the completion of the course, a student remains confused between doing a job or going for higher studies. Finally, the decision comes to a point where a student makes up his or her mind to go to Canada, which is a preferred destination for doing MS from some of the best universities of the world.

However, the decision of doing MS in Canada is a million-dollar one for the students and they have to arrive at the same after a wise analysis of facts. In this case, it will be advisable to go through the following factors before going for studying Masters of Science in Canada:

  • Master of Science from abroad has to be considered only in cases where the requisite courses or research opportunities are not available in India.
  • The tuition fees of the MS program along with the living expenses in Canada are enormous and the total expenses along with the education loan amounts to around Rs.50lakhs. Therefore, the student will have to think about the timeframe within which, he or she can arrive at the break-even point after completion of MS.
  • If a student is getting a decent employment offer after completing Bachelor of Technology, then one has to think twice before going for MS in Canada after careful observation of the employment opportunities post-MS.
  • Unfortunately sometimes, going to Canada for doing Master of Science is simply a status symbol or to show-off the intelligence in order to attract more dowry. This can never be a valid reason to go for MS in Canada by pressurizing the pockets.

Whatever be the matter, an individual who is wishing to study MS in Canada, has to look through the employment opportunities and expected salary structure post-MS in Canada so that it will be easier for him or her to decide upon doing MS from Canada.

What is the expected salary after completion of MS in Canada?

After spending hefty amounts on completing Master of Science in Canada, a student must expect a salary of around 90,000 USD to 110000 USD per year with average yearly expenses staying within 20,000 USD.

In fact, one has to work a minimum period of four years in Canada after completing MS in order to gather some savings after repaying the education loan and paying the yearly expenses. If an individual is able to get a green card after that, then it will be the best in such a scenario and  he can get even higher salary than estimated above.

Taking a Final Call !!

In short, the sole aim of studying Master of Science in Canada can be enriching one’s own self with enhanced quality of education. In that case, it is more advisable to go for an integrated PhD that is fully funded. This will curtail the expenses to a certain extent along with giving a fair chance of exposure abroad.

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