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Time to fly high with the list of Countries affordable to Study abroad

There are many countries where students aspire to get their higher education, but due to various hindrances like visa, cost etc. they do not able to fulfill their dreams. Below is provided the top list of Countries affordable to Study.

Countries affordable to Study
Countries affordable to Study

Which are Countries affordable to study?

Even though every student has a dream of studying abroad, it is not always possible for every student to fulfill his or her dreams because not all are from well-to-do families that they will be able to make both ends meet while also continuing the expenses of education.

Yes, loans are available but the margin requirements and living expenses are also there. In such a case, it is wise to keep a lookout for the affordable countries abroad where an individual can go for studies according to the budget so that it does not become too difficult for the parents to put up with the expenses of their children.

Countries affordable to Study: At first, it is better to get an idea about the countries abroad that not only provide excellent education and subsequent working opportunities. At the same time, students also need to act according to their budgets care of the pockets.

Students would also like to prefer a country that provides alternate opportunity to work to supplement their resources.  Apart from affluent families where family money support is there, students from middle-class families with higher aspirations can look out for some of the following countries for reasonable opportunities:

  • Italy:

    • This is one of the preferred countries amongst the students with respect to the costs factor.
    • It is the home to oldest universities and offers different kinds of degrees with varying costs from where students can choose accordingly.
    • The average costs including living expenses, public transportation, food, travel, entertainment and other allied factors may range within 1000-1500 EUR/month.
  • Spain:

    • With average tuition fees of 1000 EUR per month and monthly expenses of 800-1000 EUR per month, Spain is one of the best destinations with respect to affordability.
    • At the same time, students have a wide range of options as they can choose their choice of subject or degree from over seventy universities here and at the same time,
    • Spain offers rich culture, heritage and is an extremely friendly country.
  • Germany:

    • A home to around 300 universities and ranks ten amongst the top world universities, Germany offers some of the best Bachelor and Masters Degrees and at the same time, are affordable for the students.
    • The total cost of food, stay, transportation and other allied factors on an average amounts to around 800EUR/month.
    • Moreover, there are around 300 courses available in various universities spread across the length and breadth of the country.
  • France:

    • This is an extremely affordable place to study for the students where cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier and Lille offer higher education opportunities for Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees with tuition fees varying from 200-260 EUR per month.
    • Apart from the tuition fees, the monthly expenses range within 700-800 EUR per month on an average that include food, housing, local visits, public transportation, entertainment and other related factors required for living.
  • Mexico:

    • The home of one of the top seventy-five universities of the world, Mexico is one of the best countries for the students to go and study.
    • There are public as well as private universities and the latter charge a little more than the public universities with an average cost of around 5500USD.
    • The living costs along with the other food costs, transportation and other costs range around 500USD on an average.

Apart from the above mentioned options, the other Countries affordable to Study include Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Taiwan, Hungary and many more. It depends upon a specific student as to which country he or she feels comfortable to go and study based on the expenses.

Ranking of Universities, Study-Time Work and Subsequent Settlement:

  • The country having some of the top ranked universities of the world is Germany closely followed by Italy, Spain and France. Norway and Denmark have some best universities of the world too.
  • Apart from having the top ranked universities, these countries also offer scholarships and part-time working options during the course of study that will be helpful for the students in order to endure the expenses while studying so that the whole burden of tuition fees and living expenses can be handled with ease.
  • The students will also gain professional expertise as well as develop the adequate networking needed to settle in those countries with better employment opportunities based on their education.

Therefore, with appropriate knowledge of the reasonably priced countries that can also provide some of the finest degrees to the students coming from different corners of the world, one can decide upon the exact choice of university based on their preference of domain and tuition fees as well.

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