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California’s Undocumented Immigrants Stressing On Urgent Documentation To Avoid Deportation

Undocumented Immigrants rushing to get Documentation Completed

With the changing air in the United State’s administration, tight enforcement of certain immigration measures is also expected to be seen soon. As Donald trump has already made clear his intent on deporting undocumented immigrants, there is a specific buzz booming out from various corners of the country which states that many undocumented immigrants who are staying and earning their bread in the USA for some decades or more will be soon thrown out of the country.

Undocumented Immigrants rushing to complete documentation

And as the January 2017 the expected time for the start of deportation of undocumented immigrants, there is immediate urgency seen among some people in the region of California to complete proper identification and work documents in terms of US rules in desire to stand with their clean sheet for living in the country.

California undocumented immigrants may soon be deported
California undocumented immigrants may soon be deported

Donald Trump’s Take On Undocumented Immigrants- Will it hurt Agribusiness?

Earlier, President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deport near about 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country. However, experts see this as a driving force for a huge loss of the country which may even evolve into unbearable national debt. As per their analysis, most of the undocumented people from overseas are majorly worker class in the country. In the present scenario, California is leading the country as the most vibrant agribusiness region due to on low-waged immigrants which are mainly undocumented immigrants

Immigrants Deportation- Loss To The Economy

Therefore, replacing them with high-cost individuals from the country will surely cause a huge amount of loss to the currently running economy. Furthermore, it may even cause a recession in the long run. Therefore this immigration fact may be reconsidered. It should be noted in this context, California currently carries a density of 2.4 million undocumented immigrants with easy pathways for obtaining driver’s licenses, health care through Medi-Cal, and college scholarships.

Business and Trade Lobbies’ Take – Trade Lobbies do not want to lose source of cheap labour

Now, there’s a proposal by Democratic state lawmakers for a fund to help cover legal fees in deportation disputes. However, some immigration specialist of the United States suggest that this immigration proposal may not be completely issued by the Donald Trump driven government and with the force of Agro-business and Trade lobbies, the decision is more likely to be sacrificed a bit.

However Certain measures would definitely be taken against undocumented immigrants-  

But the specialists also stated that certain immigration measures would be definitely held to keep the election promise that Trump had been emphasizing all along and some undocumented persons would be surely deported from the country.

Many informed sources even traced certain California immigrant communities living in fear of deportation. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors even began their preparation for creating a $10 million fund with a motive to support immigrants in case they need legal defense. Many other regions like Santa Clara Country etc. are also looking forward to implementing similar measures in this case.

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What is your Take? What is expected to be fate of undocumented Immigrants? Already the states in US that had been tough on Undocumented Immigrants have suffered in Industrial Sector? What do you feel? Share comments below


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