Canadian Experience Class Immigration for Getting Permanent Resident Visa

The Canadian Experience Class Immigration is basically a way towards getting permanent resident status in Canada for individuals who have work experience in Canada on temporary work permit. Acknowledging the huge set of skilled talent present in Canada, the government of the country assigns allocation to only skilled workers with the Canadian work experience, under the annual immigration plan. Therefore, this is termed as the Canadian Experience Class.

Canadian Experience Class Immigration
Canadian Experience Class Immigration

What does skilled work experience imply?

In order to become eligible for Canadian Experience Class Immigration, one needs to get the skilled work experience at least within 3 years from the date of applying. According to the NOC (Canadian National Occupational Classification), skilled work experience implies:

Managerial jobs (NOC skill level 0)

Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)

Skilled trade and technical jobs (NOC skill type B)

The experience needs to be of at least 1 year of the full-time work, i.e. minimum 30 hours of compensated work every week or even more OR equal amount in case of part-time hours.

Full time 30 hours per week for 1 year/ 12 months (1,560 hours)
Part time 15 hours per week for 2 years = 12 months or 1 year full time (1,560 hours)

In case your present work permit is going to be expired in sometime, then you may go for bridging open work permit. This can enable you to stay tuned with your work while you await the final decision on your Canadian permanent residence application.

Ability of language

  • Candidates need to meet the meet the basic minimum language level of the country. For the A or NOC 0 jobs, it is essential to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 and for NOC B jobs, Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 is mandatory.
  • Language test needs to be approved by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), which proves that you meet the reading, speaking, listening and writing level.
  • Your English and French language ability will be tested after the Express Entry profile is submitted. If your test is 2 years old from the date of making the application, then you need to go for another test as well.

Documents required for Canadian Experience Class Immigration:

In order to get points for Canadian Experience Class Immigration, you require:

  1. A Canadian High school certificate, diploma, degree.
  2. Your complete foreign credentials.
  3. From an agency, you must get approval on the basis of ECA – Educational Credential Assessment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The candidate must be able to live outside the territory of Quebec.
  2. The Candidate must have 12 months’ work experience in Canada and in these preceding 3 years before the applicant applies under Canadian experience class program.
  3. The Candidate must possess skilled work experience under Canadian experience class for becoming permanent resident.
  4. Prospect needs to be admissible to Canada and not being barred for entry into Canada for any reason

How can prospects prepare themselves for a better application?

Well, it is needless to say that every detail is scrutinized thoroughly under the Canadian Experience Class. So, applications need to be very proper in order to get passed. As per the reports, thousands of applications are rejected every year. So, if you are planning to settle down in Canada due to some reason or planned a bright future there, then it is of utmost necessary that the application is checked again and again before the final submission.

Quoting David Cohen “For better or for worse, the government has been going over each application under the Canadian Experience Class with a fine-toothed comb, thoroughly scrutinizing each and every detail,”

It is essential that prior to submitting the documents get them reviewed by an experienced Immigration Consultant. This increases the chances of getting Immigration approved faster.

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