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Postdoctoral Fellowships availability in Forensic science in USA/ Canada

Every year students are offered the Postdoctoral Fellowships along with scientists, researchers etc. in various fields. Such doctoral posts can certainly boost fellowships at different levels. So, wide opportunities can be found in USA and Canada. But, while applying check out the selection criteria and explore the latest information available.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellowships

Several Institutes are there in USA and Canada that functions with their best Postdoctoral Fellowships:
1. Buffet Institute: The Institute invites application for 2 years, postdoctoral fellowships. And the students are made to focus on global, comparative or International affairs. Applicants who are scholars from social science or any interdisciplinary can do research. Forensic Department also functions at large.
2. University of Alabama: The best part of this University is that it provides equal opportunity to applicants and scholars to get in-depth knowledge about forensic science. Now the eligibility criteria for a student is Ph.D. in cancer cell biology, biochemistry etc. You may apply through a brief statement of research which interests at various levels.
3. Stanford University in the USA: The young investigators in the first year two years of their Ph.D.are actually the mentorship of faculty in the school of medicine. Forensic learning is also the part of Study, if chosen such subject for research and analysis.
4. Ontario Forensic Science University: Being a forensic science student either you may be graduate or post graduate and get advanced certificates and degrees available in Ontario.
5. IUPUI Canada: It offers forensic Master’s Program. Students are passionate to work and put an impact on the world. It has nice forensic labs for getting in-depth knowledge about the same. Proper research work has to be been done by the students in Canada.

Brief on Postdoctoral Fellowship

The competition is quite stiff when it comes to Postdoctoral Fellowship and it varies according to the rules of the universities. With the passing years, the competition is getting more and more difficult. According to the reports, the number of students applied for Postdoctoral Fellowship this year is more as compared to the last year. A specific tenure of program is setup for the students applying for this Fellowship. The valuation of the program also depends on the universities and there is no specific value.

Eligibility criteria

Are you eligible as a candidate to submit your application for the PDF? Well, the necessary criteria are:

  • Need to be a citizen of Canada, or a permanent resident of the country
  • Need to hold a doctorate degree in any of the fields of research that is offered by the university where you wants to apply.

Application procedure

Students need to apply for this program before the given deadline. The incomplete forms are directly rejected. Online application is entertained only.

Additional points

In addition, you need to ensure that you can have fulfilled the requirements of the first doctoral degree and it shall not be more than 2 years from the deadline date of the year when you are applying. Moreover, if you have successfully worked for minimum 6 months (full-time) in relevant industry after getting the doctorate degree, then there is a chance that the eligibility period is extended by some universities upto 3 years.

USA and Canada are among the best educational hubs for students who are looking towards Post-doctoral Fellowships in Forensic science.

Most of the students get picked up during campus placement itself. However, a bit of networking, registration with job placement agencies and keeping track on job portals work wonders

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