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Common Student Visa Interview Questions for Canadian Universities

With an increase of almost 13% over the last year,2015,  in the number of students going abroad for higher education – to universities in Australia, Canada, and the US- India is soon set to overtake China as the world’s largest exporter of students to international universities. No Student would like to face rejection at Student Visa Interview for admission to Canadian Universities.

Getting ready for Student Visa Interview
Getting ready for Student Visa Interview


Students work hard to realize their dreams of studying at an international university of their dreams. Take different aptitude and language tests; select their choice of universities all of which requires investment of time and money.

Upon receiving admission letter from a university, the next big step is to prepare for the visa interview. Many countries require that the international student appear for a face-to-face interview at the consulate offices to decide the true intentions of the students in planning to enter their country.

Why Do you have to Face a Student Visa Interview

International students planning to enter a particular country for higher education will have to convince the visa officer about their seriousness in pursuing education and that they will not misuse the visa in any way.

Consular office needs to convince itself that Student will return post completing the course- For example, students applying for US visa to study at an American university will be applying under a non-immigrant visa, and therefore, they need to convince the consular officer that they intend to return to their home country once done with their studies. Proof of ties – emotional, financial -in their home country will work as evidence to convince the consular office.

Visa officer will look into many factors to decide the intention of the international student. You will be required to submit documents that prove your education aspirations, and that you have enough funds, enough language and subject knowledge to pursue your education at a foreign university.

Some of the Questions a Student can Expect from the Visa Officer during Visa Interview

The visa officer will ask an international student many questions to test his aspiration and intentions to check the eligibility for a non-immigrant visa. As a student, you need to prepare yourself well, and answer every question with confidence and clarity.

  • When did you complete your Under Graduate course?
  • Your scores, GPA in under graduate course?
  • Your GRE / TOEFL scores?
  • How many schools have you applied to?
  • How many schools admitted you?
  • Why have you chosen this specific university?
  • How long you intend to study in the US(or Canada, as the case may be).
  • Why there is a break in your education(If applicable, prepare some convincing answer)
  • Is the course you intend to join is related to your education so far?
  • What are your career plans once you complete the education?
  • What is your net worth? (Consul would like to see if you have got enough wealth back home to return?)
  • Have you ever been involved in any criminal activity?

In addition to your academic interests and pursuits, you can expect questions relating to financing your education in the foreign country. Some finance related questions you can expect are

  • Who is providing the financing for your education?
  • What does your sponsor do, you may have to show your sponsors bank statement, income proof, etc?

You may also expect questions about your Family or connections in the foreign land. Do you have any family members, siblings, or relatives studying in that country?

Students need to answer with confidence and always be honest and true while replying to questions. You need to look in the eyes of the officer and speak with confidence.

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