US and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian Students

United Kingdom, 28th November: US and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian Students.

Yes, there is a fear among Indian students regarding the recent UK and US visa changes.

US and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian StudentsUS and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian Students-– US and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian Students. Yes. That is quite true. Many Indian students are a worried lot these days. And this is primarily due to unforeseen future in the US and UK due to recent US and UK visa changes.

“US and UK Visa changes Might Affect Indian Students. “

Tougher UK visa norms—Tougher UK visa norms introduced by the recent UK government are an issue of serious concern for majority of Indians wanting to study in the UK. That is not all. Indians already studying in the UK are also worried about their fate following tougher UK visa rules.

It may be worth notable that the UK’s MACR(Migration Advisory Committee Recommendations) may tighten UK visa rules. Proposals include increased salary threshold for UK Tier 2 visa holders and English language conditions for non-EU(European Union) immigrants.

To work in the UK under the sponsored visa category, experienced foreign workers must earn not less than 25,000 pounds annually. By April 2017, this salary threshold may get increased to 30,000 pounds annually.

Earlier, only paramedical professionals, radiographers and nurses were subject to these income threshold requirements. But from 24th November, 2016, income threshold requirement is applicable on all non-EU workers.

US Visa changes and its impact on Indian students—Changes in the US administration are proving taxing for Indian students equally. In fact, foreign students from the world over are feeling the pinch of tougher current and proposed US visa changes.

There is going to be a significant change in US H1B visa regime. US President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to restrict the US visa misuse and its impact on US worker opportunities. He is going to prioritize jobs for Americans under the principle of “Putting America First”. And this has already left many foreigners panicked.

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