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What Will Trump Mean for US Immigration and Immigrants

United States, 11th November: What will Trump Mean for US immigration and immigrants?

Well, this is a common question on many lips now days.

So, let us explore this topic in detail here.

What Will Trump Mean for US Immigration and ImmigrantsWhat will Trump mean for US Immigration and immigrants?—Yes, what will Trump mean for US Immigration and immigrants? That’s what almost all immigrants and would-be immigrants are thinking about now days.

“What Trump will mean for US Immigration and immigrants is a common question on many lips.”

Immigrants are wondering whether the President-elect Donald Trump is only against unlawful immigration. And they are afraid as to what may happen to immigration policy during Trump’s presidency.

So, what shall happen to the US immigration rules once Trump moves into the White House in January next year? Well, there are serious concerns in the minds of immigrants. Let us explore different issues in detail here.

  • Building the wall—President-elect Trump is quite clear about his plans about building a wall along the Mexican border. However, it does not seem likely that Trump may be successful in his plans, at least, of now. Nonetheless, it is an issue of great concern for immigrants who are in the process of getting their immigration documents.
  • Immigration—Trump’s first actions on US immigration may overturn US President Barack Obama’s policies to protect undocumented immigrants. Nearly 700,000 immigrants brought to the US unlawfully as children were given the right to stay and work in the US temporarily. This was under the DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in 2012. Trump promised to end DACA, DAPA and the policy of not detaining immigrants waiting for their cases to get processed. He is determined to increase the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents three fold. But, this will not lead to any mass immigrant deportations, at least in the short term. There is no denying the fact that undocumented immigrants shall be at risk of deportation.
  • Tougher immigration rules—Trump administration shall make it difficult for immigrants to come to the US lawfully. And it will also make it difficult for US firms to get US work visas for immigrant workers. Individual immigrants shall have to undergo a difficult process. Undocumented immigrants who have left the US may have to wait for three to ten years or may face permanent bar from applying to re-enter the US legally.
  • Healthcare—Donald Trump has vowed to encourage competition between markets in different US states. He wants to replace Obamacare reforms.
  • Tax policy—He has pledged to cut taxes across the board. He says he will cut down the current maximum taxes of 35 percent for US businesses to not more than 15 percent (of the profits).



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