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Why residing in Massachusetts is a clever choice

You don’t need to be among the cleverest of the people for understanding that Massachusetts is one of the great places for living. You don’t have to worry, though; we are here for sharing with you what is great about this Old Colony State.

Marriage Laws

In the year 2004, around twelve years ago, Supreme Court of Massachusetts announced that it was illegitimately denying the right to marry for same-sex couples, making the state first in the union in doing so. Apparently, same-sex couples and the rights activists have are making legal headway, suggesting the state being a great place for living for the same-sex couples and LGBTQ residents.

Shifting to Massachusetts is an excellent choice
Shifting to Massachusetts is an excellent choice

Job Opportunities

The current percentage rate of joblessness of people in Massachusetts is about 6%. This rate is lower than many neighboring states like New York (6.7%), Connecticut (6.9%), and Rhode Island (8.3%). In fact, it is lower than the national average which is 6.3%.

Recently, in April 2016, Massachusetts has created new jobs in the sectors like transportation and utilities, financial services, and construction sector etc. And moreover, Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, is gradually rising as the technical hub of the nation.

Cost of Living

As per various magazines, news and other sources, Massachusetts State is said to have the best economy in the nation.  Analyzing the factors like unemployment rates, per capita income, job opportunities, etc, the Bay State ranks on the top in comparison with the neighboring states of the US.

New Hampshire is another plus point to the state Massachusetts where the residents get the chance to avail tax-free items like appliances, electronics, booze, and more. You just have to drive up to I-95, in New Hampshire, where all the Massachusetts residents get to shop for almost everything having price tags that do not include the sales tax.  Massachusetts offers tax exemption to its people who have an income below a threshold range that keeps varying every year.

All are aware of the NEWS that Canada’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship website was crashed by Americans on Tuesday night, the moment Donald Trump won the Presidential election. Hence, if you’re thinking to save yourself from any new and awful policies that might be implemented by Trump in the coming days, then you need not worry leaving the country or migrating across the border because Massachusetts has a plethora of great options for leading a luxurious life.

Schools and Colleges

The state of Massachusetts is known to be the first state in the US that needed municipalities to set up a grammar school by approval of the Massachusetts Education Law in 1647.

Today, almost all Ivy League colleges are located within Massachusetts and nearby areas that are a few kilometers drive away. Moreover, many of the best education institutions are there in the Boston area itself. And, these are other than those Five Colleges in western Massachusetts.

Medical facilities

As said earlier, few places are really better to fall sick than in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has some of the top-notch hospitals. Though it had effective universal health care since 2006, but recently it has turn out to be a model for veterans’ health care.

Most importantly, it does not have any complicated immigration process with difficult steps to clear. Just aim toward New England and stop when every other store is a Dunkin’ Donuts.


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