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Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interview that can lead to Delay or Rejection of your US Visa


So you have decided to visit your favourite country and finally applied for Visa of that country. It’s the day of your visa interview and you are going there for the first time; you have no clue as to what questions will be asked and how it goes. First of all, this visa interview is the most important of the complete process and your whole plan of visiting a new country comes down to this. The better you are at your visa interview, the higher chances you have of getting the visa. Following are some of the commonly observed mistakes made by people during the visa interview which can leave a wrong impact.

Looking stressed, submission of wrong information and not be clear of facts are some factors that can lead to rejection of your visa

  1. Lack of preparation

One of the most important things to do before heading for your visa interview is preparation for the questions which may relate to the purpose of your visit. One must do necessary research regarding the questions asked at visa interview beforehand to be confident during the interview.

  1. Incomplete and false information

Any kind of incomplete or incorrect information could seriously ruin your chances of visiting the country; not only now but even in the future as they keep a record of people applying for the visa. Also, false information could end you up in more trouble or legal actions. So make sure you say the right things in your visa interview.

  1. Incomplete working papers/ documents

Proper documentation of all the important papers is a necessity while heading for the visa interview. You must cross check the document requirements with your own documentation so as to ensure you have left nothing behind.

  1. Lack of knowledge about visa fees

You must carry the exact fees as required by the authorities/as mentioned in the papers. Also, if the payment is to be done in any form other than cash, you must be prepared for that before going for the interview to avoid any delay.

  1. Extra/Irrelevant information

It’s better to answer the questions to the point rather than giving too much information. Going into details without being asked for, may trigger additional questions which may not be in your favour.

  1. Variable/different statements

Any information which is inconsistent with that of your documents/your previous statements can go against you and reduce your chances of getting the visa.

  1. Clash with the officer

If you are not aware about a particular thing told by any officer, do not argue rather ask in a decent way so that it does not give a bad impression of you.

  1. Inefficient communication skills

Imagine going to another country and not being able to communicate with the people properly. Proper communication skills are a necessity without which survival in another country is a big problem. Inefficient communication skills leave a negative impact on the officer so one must possess good communication skills.

  1. More talk, less listening

You cannot go on and on and on without listening to the interviewer properly. One must try to keep their communication short and simple so as to provide all the necessary information only.

  1. Looking stressed/uneasy

While answering the questions you must not look stressed because the interviewer is asking questions about you only. If you pause or get tensed or your body language changes (that indicates nervousness) on being asked something, the interviewer observes these changes. Your reaction influences the interviewer’s judgement so make sure you give it right and be confident.

Make sure you avoid the above mistakes and get your visa to explore your dream destination.


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