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Check your preparedness to Answer Some Common Questions during US VISA Interview

Here is a fair idea about the questions being put forward to an individual during the US visa interview. We hope to provide you satisfying guidance and remedy to visitor visa applicants. To begin with, make sure that you put on formals, arrive well before time, behave properly, be polite and confident. And don’t forget to greet the visa officer.
Common questions for B2 VISA

Q: Purpose of visiting the US?

A: The reason for your visit should be clearly informed i.e. if you are going for a job then give details about the company, you would be working with or maybe you are accompanying your spouse on his/her job assignment or probably you are going to meet your children or parents.

Q: Any previous visit to the US?

A: Be authentic about this one since they already have all your details available with them.

Q: Where are going in the US?

A: Please mention whatever places you would be visiting.

During Interview, be prompt to reply, confident, look straight into eyes of the interviewer and most importantly just stick to the question asked

Q: What do you do?

A: Your job name supported by a brief explanation.

Q: Do you have any property? If yes, what type?

A: If you do then give a short and crisp description.

Q: Does any one of your relatives live there? If yes, who?

A: If yes, then inform but restrict to your words to what have been asked only. Do not give further details unless you are asked for. Like, “My son lives there.”

Q: What is your son doing there?

A: He is a software engineer in XYZ Company (go well prepared with details i.e. make sure you know the designation as well as the company name well).

Q: Is your son married?

A: Yes or No.

(Note: in case of yes, the officer might ask about them further so give appropriate answers that just stick to the point)

If your son lives there and is married, then this follows:

Q: What your daughter-in-law does there?

A: My daughter-in-law is a house maker/works in XYZ Company/student.

(Note: mention them about her visa details too, in case she is a student. As to study there, she needs F1 visa. In case of H4 dependent visa, they don’t call it studying)

Q: Since how long have your son and daughter-in-law living there?

A: My son and daughter-in-law have been living there since x number of years.

Q: Does your son have any children?

A: Yes or No.

(Note: in case yes, he may ask about him/her too. So be prepared with the basic details)

Q: Will your spouse be accompanying you or anyone else?

A: If your spouse is then tell them else give the correct reason behind you travelling alone like if you are a widow or a widower or probably your spouse is unable to get time off work.

Q: Can you provide us with the contact details of your son?

A: Phone number, mobile number, address and email should me mentioned here.

(Note: make sure to have this ready in your mind beforehand, it should match with the document presented to the visa officer)

Q: When are you planning your visit?

A: Let them know about the month, you want to travel.

Q: Are you done with the tickets?

A: Yes sir/madam, I/we have.

Q: How much do you earn?

A: Tell the right figures. Excluding incentives (be exact with the figures)

Q: What is the duration of your stay in the US?

A: Tell them the exact number of days, weeks or months of your visit.

Q: Have you been out of India before?

A: Be accurate with a yes or no.

(Note: you may be asked for verification by the consultant. In case of yes, he/she may ask you about your past visits, so be prepares for it as well)

Q: What is the guarantee that you will come back?

A: Give them financial, family related and valid reasons with supporting proof of your answers.

(Note: this question can be tricky and detailed one so be extra cautious ready with all documents and accuracy).

Question from the VISA applicant

Q: My passport is to expire soon so would I be required to get a fresh US Visa or if I get this Visa then this will only work?

A: This visa will work for you; just make sure you carry the old passport along.

The list of questions can be endless however the more transparent, you would be, the more easier it will be to get through.


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