How to Get a US Green Card

United States, 21st October: Let us find out how to get a US Green Card.

So, here we go.

How to Get a US Green CardHow to get a US Green Card—Let us see how to get a US Green Card. So, we will be discussing this issue in detail here now. Here we go.

“ How to get a US Green Card. We are discussing this topic in detail here. “

The US government provides several ways for getting a US Green Card. Getting a US Green Card lets you live the most sought-after dream in your life. You guessed it right. Its the American dream. One can live and work in the US permanently after getting a US Green Card.

Facts to help you qualify for a US Green Card—

  • Family –based US immigration —Yes, under this category, you are eligible for US Green Card under Family-based US immigration. This is if you are related to a US citizen(as an unmarried child(under 21), a spouse or parent).
  • Favored-category employment—One needs to work as a doctor, broadcaster or for any international organization(like the UN—United Nations) for being eligible under the US Favored-category employment. Moreover, religious workers including nuns, rabbis, priests and monks are also eligible for bringing their families to the US.
  • US employee—For getting US Green Card under this immigration category, one must be at the top management level or equivalent. Moreover, one must have a degree or work where no similarly qualified American citizen is available.
  • Highly talented category—One can qualify as an individual of extraordinary ability for getting a US Green card. For this, one needs to be under highly talented category in science, arts, business or academia. However, one needs to satisfy not less than three of several criteria. Several letters of recommendation are also required from company directors, college professors or judges.
  • Adoption—If you are under 16 years old and you are adopted by US Citizen, then you have the eligibility for getting a US Green Card.

So, now you have seen the list of five ways through which you can get qualified for a US Green Card.


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