OET, Pearson Test Accepted for New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand, 15th October: OET, Pearson Test Accepted for New Zealand Immigration.

Yes, this has been announced by New Zealand Immigration(INZ).

OET, Pearson Test Accepted for New Zealand ImmigrationOET, Pearson Test Accepted for New Zealand Immigration—OET, Pearson Test accepted for New Zealand Immigration. This has been revealed by INZ(Immigration New Zealand). PTE Academic(Pearson Test of English Academic) happens to be a leading online language proficiency test. So, it is now approved as a proof of English language proficiency for all New Zealand visa categories.

It needs to be notable that Pearson test is accepted by all Australia and New Zealand visa categories needing English language proficiency. The new ruling will become effective from 21st November this year.

“OET, Pearson Test Accepted for New Zealand Immigration, announced INZ.”

OET accepted by Immigration New Zealand—OET(Occupational English Test) will now also be accepted by INZ. It is a specialist English test for healthcare professionals. It is a proof of having English proficiency for majority of New Zealand visa categories. This new English test ruling will become effective from 21st November, 2016.

So, here is some great news for international healthcare professionals wanting to come to New Zealand and work here. They can show their English language proficiency by taking OET for New Zealand visa purposes. OET can now also be used as an evidence for English proficiency for taking admission to New Zealand healthcare courses.

It needs to be worth notable that the OET is already accepted as a valid English language test by some of the leading healthcare educators and regulators in New Zealand. This includes University of Otago and Medical and Nursing Councils.

New Zealand needs doctors, surgeons, midwives and 36 other healthcare occupations—Here is some great news for foreign doctors, surgeons, midwives and other healthcare professionals wanting to work in New Zealand. As per latest details by New Zealand Immigration website, hospitals and practices in New Zealand require doctors, surgeons, midwives and nearly 36 other healthcare professionals.

That’s simply great, isn’t it? Well, indeed.

By the year 2021, New Zealand will require 380 additional health specialists each year for fulfilling the OECD average. Moreover, up to 25,000 additional nurses shall be needed in New Zealand by 2030.


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