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Non-EU Skilled Worker Visas to be Increased

Switzerland, 13th October: Non-EU skilled worker visas will be increased.

This has been announced by Swiss government in a latest step.

Yes. That is true.

Non-EU Skilled Worker Visas to be IncreasedNon-EU skilled worker visas to be increased—Non-EU skilled worker visas to be increased, announced the Swiss government. As per the details, the Swiss government took a decision for issuance of extra 1,000 non-EU skilled worker visas.

This shall become effective from next year. As per the details, the Swiss government shall be increased extra 1,000 visas by taking non-EU skilled worker visas to 7,500. This increase is  being done after several complaints by firms.

Non-EU skilled worker visas shall be increased by the Swiss government next year. “

Increased demand for high-skilled worker visas in Switzerland—It needs to be worth mentioned that there is a high and increasing demand for high-skilled worker visas in Switzerland. Yes, that is true. Switzerland is finding it difficult to cope up with increased demand for high-skilled workers.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that the number of B and L work permits to be issued in 2017 shall still be 1,000 lesser than the curb introduced in 2014. In the year 2014, Switzerland decided to reduce number of non-EU work visas to 6,500 from 8,500.

This was decided by Swiss voters. The reduced number of Non-EU work visas was aimed to offer incentive for Swiss firms using Swiss workers.

In 2016, Swiss firms hired nearly 6,500 workers from non-EU zone. Out of these, 2,500 happen to be B permits and 4,000 happen to be L permits. L permits are for short-term permits for up to 12 months. B permits are temporary residence permits.

In the year 2017, 3,000 B permits and a total of 4,500 L permits will be available among Swiss cantons.

Return of UK Post-study work visa scheme likely—There are hopes that UK Post-study work visa scheme shall return soon. At least, this is what Tory MSP hopes. UK Home Secretary Rudd said that consultations will look into if student immigration norms need to be customized to quality of the course and quality of educational institutions.

It needs to be notable that four UK universities are participating in a pilot scheme for simplification of UK visa application process for Masters students.


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