Major Proposals to Australia Skilled Immigration

Australia, 14th October: Several major proposals to Australia skilled immigration have been made.

Yes, that is true.

Major Proposals to Australia Skilled ImmigrationMajor Proposals to Australia Skilled Immigration—Several major proposals to Australia skilled immigration have been made. These include reducing of age limit and offering more points for skills and traits of secondary adult applicant.

“Major Proposals to Australia Skilled Immigration have been made. “

These changes have been proposed by Australia Productivity Commission. These changes, if accepted, can change the way in selection of migrant intake by Australia. Productivity Commission has made these proposals to Australia Skilled Migration Program.

These proposals have been made in a report named “Migrant Intake Into Australia”.

Major recommendations—Some of the major recommendations are mentioned below—

  • Reduction of age limit—The Productivity Commission has suggested that Australia must reduce the age limit of 50 years for Australia permanent migration under skill stream. Moreover, it must offer increased weightage in points-based system for younger immigrants. It also wants Australia to keep its current capacity for providing exemptions to age rule for skilled immigrant applicants.
  • Using Skilled Occupations List as a benchmark—Australia Productivity Commission also recommended that Australia Skilled Occupations List muse be used as the only basis for determining skills requirements for various permanent skilled immigration program(different streams). These include those using Australia Temporary Residence Transition Visa. It also has a recommendation for undertaking a small pilot program for testing the merits of supplementing Skilled Occupations List.
  • Maximum points for single applicants—Primary and single applicants without any dependents might get maximum level of extra points under the plan.
  • More points to primary applicant for secondary applicant’s traits/skills—Australia government has been recommended for giving increased points to primary applicant for traits and skills of secondary applicant.
  • Streamlining of points-system for all Australia permanent skilled migrant applications—Commission has also recommended adopting a common points system for permanent skill stream.
  • Assessment of partners and adult children for English proficiency—Partners and adult children’s English proficiency, work skills, age and education must be made. This in addition to the assessment of primary visa applicants. The commission recommended that nearly fifty percent of visas under the Skilled migration stream are for secondary applicants. There is quite scope for using such applicants for raising the caliber of the intake.
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