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Anti Muslim Immigrant Sentiment may lead to tougher Immigration rules in US

In US Presidential elections, whether Trump wins or loses, he has already won to the extent that the debate on immigration refuses to die.

While all the countries as Canada, Australia and US need lots of immigrants in view of aging population and also to develop the vast unexplored areas, or to get talent for the industries, at same time they are growing extremely intolerant of immigrants and in fact specifically of immigrants form Muslim Countries.

Anti Muslim Sentiment has become Anti Immigration Sentiment in US and Canada
Anti Muslim Sentiment has become Anti Immigration Sentiment in US and Canada

Going by the report released last week by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the immigration has played a vital role in growth of the industry and thus has improved employment scenario without hurting interests of native born workers and then the question gets even more disturbing that what has led to rise of anti immigrant sentiment?

Some of the reasons that have contributed to anti immigration sentiments are-

1. Concerns about the security and safety– When the USA was trying to forget 9/11, and was about to get convinced that it would not allow any more such attacks on its soil, two attacks was radicals over last year and half have again revived their fears and heightened security concerns. Spate of attacks in Paris when the whole Europe was welcoming refugees made matters worse. On the Contrary Australia stayed safe as it, against criticism from all over, ruthlessly blocked entry of refugees it was able to screen them. The anti immigrant section is particularly hostile to Muslims and Latinos coming in.

Unfortunately the anti Muslim sentiment Post 9/11 has turned into anti immigrant sentiment

2. Immigrants are more hardworking-They often work for longer hours as willing to work even on off days. This is helpful to business. Moreover immigrants often are willing to work at lesser pay and this leads to economic insecurity among native born citizens; though while employing all things being equal, any employer prefers natives more than immigrants.
3. Fiscal Burden by Immigrants– This is deep rooted perception and though it is not correct. Most immigrants bring enough money to sustain themselves even during initial settlement period; they rarely burden public support system. Moreover due to age restrictions on immigrants and health checks, an average health care expense on such new arrivals is much lesser than natives who have higher average age. However, the perception is deep rooted that immigrants lead to higher fiscal burden on the economy.
4. Fuelling the Fire by Politicians– The simmering anger against immigrants who are being seen as root cause of growing unemployment was further fuelled by Politicians like Trump by statements like building a wall along Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it. The simmering anger towards immigrants skyrocketed after such statements more specifically against Asian immigrants

However, despite above there is a large section in US and Canada who feel that more immigrants are welcome as long as they come following due laid down legal process.


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