Temporary foreign worker program- a fast and cost effective way to immigrate to Canada

Immigrating to Canada through express entry system is not easy for all as getting a job offer before landing in Canada is a real herculean task.

There are many immigration consultants or job placement agencies that can help get employment offer but their services come at huge costs.

If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada and not able to make in express entry program, temporary foreign worker program can be a one good option for you

Temporary Foreign Worker Program in revised form would be a good option for immigrants not able to make through Express entry System
Temporary Foreign Worker Program in revised form would be a good option for immigrants not able to make through Express entry System

But there is a hope for applicants who cannot afford such high costs. Consider applying through Temporary worker program. In its earlier version, or say soon to expire present version, getting permanent resident card as a temporary foreign worker is not easy.

However, with the proposed changes to temporary foreign worker program Canada, all is set to change.

Though only a draft of the proposed changes to this program has been released, the final version of the law is not yet clear; however on the basis of consensus emerging and the statements coming the shape of the law can well be imagined.

Some of the major changes expected in the temporary worker program Canada are-

1. Introduction of labor market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application process that is speedier and more efficient.
2. Cases of employers having demonstrated trustworthiness to be processed faster;
3. Contracts between the worker and employer can be modified subject to mutual consent;
4. Exemption from the requirement to submit Transition Plans for high-skilled workers or to hire workers for such as academics;
5. Any business can employ minimum of 20% of the workforce as temporary foreign worker
6. Employers be authorized to hire workers for certain low-wage positions in regions with a six percent or higher unemployment, and the previously excluded positions from hiring would now be eligible to do so.
7. The workers would not be sent back after four years of the contract period
8. Pathway to permanent residency status be made
9. Removal of the “cumulative duration” rule, which currently makes certain workers ineligible for new work permits if they have been working in Canada for four years and bans them from applying for a new one for an additional four years.
10. Fixed-term employment contracts to be would be given same rating points as of permanent work contracts.
11. Caregivers contract can be extended for such further period
12. Agriculture workers be treated as industrial worker
13. Temporary foreign workers be allowed multiple entry visas
14. The temporary resident workers be allowed some of the facilities being available to permanent resident citizens
15. The temporary foreign workers be paid same rate of wages whatever the going rate is for construction in a given area


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