UK Immigration Policy veering about Investor Immigrants

Immigrants who do not create any wealth but only come to consume Britain’s resources would not be welcomed in UK any more, said Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, UK.

Fox was however quick to add that UK’s exit from EU would not mean that its immigration numbers would be reduced to zero.

Statements as emerging on Immigration whether from Fox or Prime Minister Theresa May are clear indications that UK will only be attracting investor immigrants. Immigrants from EU countries may get some soft treatment in its revised immigration policy

Few Questions that emerge from three statements since yesterday; Firstly Statement by Theresa May, then Amber Rudd and now Liam Fox.

1- What is definition of value creation in UK?
2- Is rendering of professional services value creation?
3- Is serving a sector not a value creation?
4- Or does value creation is only limited to those setting up industries and not includes those who make industries run?
5- Amber Rudd indicated that only the best students would be welcome in UK, that is, to indicate that the student intake to UK would also be lowered. What would be its impact on education industry in UK and thus consequently on people employed in this sector

Whatever be the answers to above, majority immigrants in Britain feel that these statements have started fuelling anti immigrant sentiments.

Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May has already announced measure to reduce immigration which include setting up of “Immigration Control Fund” and tightening of conditions to recruit employees from abroad

Revised Immigration Policy for UK is set to make immigration to UK very difficult unless you are applying as Investor Immigrant
Revised Immigration Policy for UK is set to make immigration to UK very difficult unless you are applying as Investor Immigrant

Revised immigration Policy in UK is expected to be announced by November 2016. In the meantime, a study by the London School of Economics published earlier this year found that EU immigration had no negative impact on British wages, jobs or public services.

Willing to opt for Investor Category Immigration to UK?- If you are willing to immigrate to UK to setup a business, be ready for moving to UK. Its Immigration Policy, expected soon is likely to have many features likely to suit investors category of immigrants

The Government has ruled out introducing a points-based immigration system similar to the one used in Australia, as proposed by Vote Leave during the EU referendum campaign.


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