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Process to Apply For Spouse Visa to USA

Here is the complete process given for, how one can apply for spouse visa for visiting USA and staying here with his/her spouse.

In USA, outside citizens tend to obtain an immigrant visa as the foremost option to become a legal resident of the country. The application of immigrant visa has to be sponsored by the US citizens or by its certain permanent residents. In order to bring ones’ spouse into the country, a spouse visa needs to be applied by a person who is already a legal US citizen or a green card holder.

The K-3 Nonimmigrant Visa

The K-3 nonimmigrant is the most predominantly applied form of visa for the spouse of the foreign citizens of the USA. This is a class of visa, which proposes to minimize the physical disconnection between the foreign national spouse and the US citizen. The visa will allow the foreign citizens to look out for the authorization of immigrant visa petition.

Spouse Visa

Application Process

To apply for the spouse visa, the first step is to file a petition by the US citizen in the Form I-130. This form is a petition for the Alien Relative which has to be submitted to the department of homeland security, USA, which is the office of the citizenship and immigration services.

After the petition, citizenship and immigration service officers tend to send a Notice of Action (Form I- 797) receipt to provide the information to the applicants regarding the confirmation of the received petition. The next step is to file a Form I-129F, which is the second phase of applying petition for Alien Fiancé. Later, if the petition is approved, it will be sent to National Visa Center (NVC) for further proceedings.

Further Steps

The next step for the application of the spouse visa is to apply for it. If both the petitions get approved by citizenship and immigration services offices, the requirement of the nonimmigrant visa gets ended. If the NVC receives the approved I-129F petition and I-130 petition, the proceeding will start with the I-29 petition. The details of the country, in which their wedding took place has to be stated so as to carry out with the next process of spouse visa application. The further step to apply spouse visa includes the documentation process which comprises the most important elements.


The factors related to the documentation procedure entails the completion of the Form DS-160 along with the attainment of print out, which is required to bring in the interview. A valid passport also needs to be present with the applicant in order to travel to the USA. Marriage certificate, police verification certificates, medical examination certificates, some evidence of the financial support, two photographs, relationship evidence and the fees payment details are other important things that needs to be updated by the applicant to apply for the spouse visa.


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