Canada Immigration Queries Answered

Canada, 28th September: Here, let us see some important Canada immigration queries answered.

Yes, we are discussing some important Canada immigration queries.

Canada Immigration Queries AnsweredCanada immigration queries answered—Let us see some common and important Canada immigration queries answered here now. So, let us begin the discussion here.

“Let us see some common Canada immigration queries answered here. “

  • Query regarding new application forms for visiting Canada and for Canada permanent residency—Can an applicant change the bar codes or needs to redo the whole application? Well, the fact is that one needs to re-do the whole application again and get new bar codes.
  • Can a fiancé(of a live-in caregiver in Canada)who is a failed refugee claimant be allowed to remain in Canada after marriage?—Well, if you marry your fiancée who is a failed refugee claimant, you need to know that he or she will not be able to remain in Canada. Moreover, your application may get jeopardized. Your application might get refused and you will lose your immigrant status in Canada.
  • Why was my application for sponsoring my parents for humanitarian reasons?—The thing is that a wrong application seems to have been filed in this case. It could be due to bad advice. The truth is that parents can be sponsored while they are visiting Canada. They need not step outside Canada for getting the application processed.
  • Can a work permit holder sponsor one’s spouse?—Well, a Canada work permit holder cannot sponsor one’s spouse. Only Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens can sponsor one’s spouse. So, if you are a Canada work permit holder, you cannot, by any means, sponsor your spouse for bringing him/her to Canada.
  • Why immigration processing takes quite a long time?—The truth is that Canada immigration processing is taking quite long. Many applicants allege that they have been waiting for as long as two years for getting their applications processed. It appears that immigration system is working on a ‘last in first out’ process. Under this process, latest applications gets processed first and old applications get processed later or last. This becomes evident from the recent reports of foreign caregivers getting processed in just three months.


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