Few ways to get remedies after being cheated from a fraud immigration agent

Immigration agencies are basically organizations involved in the business of providing solutions and flawless shifting services to those who are going or coming to live permanently in a foreign country. From shifting from one country to another for any kind of purposes like job, higher education, business or marital status requires a quantitative range of legal authorizations and documentations.

Collecting and processing all these major formalities may take much time for a person if he/she takes attempts to do all these by his or her own self. Also, these procedures may cause complications and later turn into loads of serious troubles. So, to avoid these type harsh situations or to avoid any delays that can happen in immigration process,  people prefer to consult with immigration agents.

If Cheated by Immigration Agent, Don't Sit Silent, Raise your complaint
If Cheated by Immigration Agent, Don’t Sit Silent, Raise your complaint

But sometimes these agents, if proved to be fraud, can turn your dream of settling to a foreign country into a nightmare and also flush out a huge amount of money from your pocket. There are a number of instances, where immigration agents have proven to be fraud and hard earned money of many individuals have been drained out. So, if you are planning for shifting to a new country and consulting an immigration agent for that purpose. Then you must adhere to a few measures before consulting one.

Firstly, you must know the immigration agent very well and verify all details regarding his company as much as possible. You can find various authentic portals on web nowadays which provides detailed information about various companies, starting from their licensing information, owner information, where the company is incorporated, establishing date etc. and ending with company’s annual turnover, investment details etc.

Secondly, you should verify the experience of a few past clients of the company. For ex: you can find out some of their previous clients in various social media platforms or only by doing a Google search and ask about their previous experiences, reviews, and suggestions in this matter.

Thirdly, you must put some efforts on doing research about the company’s current situation, like, how it is performing in its relevant markets, if there are any current downfalls of operations and if so what was the reason behind it, how did the company managed to cope up with the situation and all these types of things. All these steps would help you hire best of immigration agents.

How to lodge your complaint against immigration agents- Still after all these steps,  if you fall in such miserable conditions like losing money to fraud immigration agents, getting cheated by them, losing valuable information and getting blackmailed by the agent to retrieve those in exchange of money, then you should not stay silent but seek to readdress your problem. Some ways that can help you are-

If cheated by Immigration Agent, File complaints against him with Consumer Portals, Government portals as, local police, Leave comments at various blog sites to ensure he does not go on cheating others in the process

First of all, for instance, if a U.S. immigration agent has cheated you, then you can file a complaint against him or his company at  Consumer complaint portal. Then you can file a ticket in Federal Trade Commission’s website, they offer positive, dependable, valid and enforceable answers about all fraud and disputes related questions regarding immigration issues within a certain period of time.

You can also file complaints regarding immigration and international scams on, it is also a very effective way. You can also directly contact with FBI and lodge a case against the agent if you have valid and legitimate proofs of being cheated with yourself.

Although it is not guaranteed whether you will get back your money or not, but, with these steps, you will surely help to alert others to be falling in trap of such rogue immigration agents who sell fake dreams.


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