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What can be the worst way to Immigrate to Canada? Is yours on this list?

What could be the worst way to Immigrate to Canada? Know if your way is on the list or not.

Porsche lifestyle, luxurious cars, high status and what not. Most of the youth of the third world has these dreams which are not impossible though hard to achieve. There is no harm in weaving your imaginary world and wanting the Canada dream to come true. Before you jump to any conclusion give this article a glance-

“Parents- Thank me later for this.”

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Following are the worst way to Immigrate to Canada

  • Leaving a reputed job in the homeland and get a better one in Canada: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaPeople are innocent and get attracted to shiny things easily. If you are planning your visit to Canada in search of growth and luxury wait for a minute and think “Is it worth it”? every year millions of people from all over the world make the same plan and end up working at petrol pumps (no offence to that).
  • Expecting to get a professional job on the basis of homeland experience: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaRemember- Everyone wants to hire fresh and energetic personnel. Experience does matter but technology is running at a lightning speed and to cope with it! not an easy job. Moreover, every 8 out of 10 people (youth) are MBA nowadays which will automatically raise the level of competition.


  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaBad Idea. Due to the recent TFW scandal everyone, this program may be harmful. It will get even harder to enter Canada via TFW program after the implementation of Express Entry.


  • Going as an Au Pair: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaOne of the most popular ways to become a PR of Canada is considered as a bad one now. It is getting harder for the government to get LMOs for the Au Pair and hence they want to get rid of the “live-in caregiver plans” as soon a possible.


  • Secondary school work permit: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaParents send their kids for secondary education in a hope that their children will become a Canadian citizen one day. This is a very long process instead parents should send their kids to good school in their native and later send their kids for higher education in Canada.


  • The Ph D dream: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaThis is possibly one of the worst way to Immigrate to Canada. Ph D being one of the hardest courses to pass should never be an option to settle in Canada. It takes a lot of fortune and time to get the prestigious Ph D. If you drop out due to any reason it may affect your career too.


  • Refugee program: worst way to Immigrate to CanadaWorst Idea. Refugee status is for unprivileged ones who have fear for their lives. Moreover, you will be caught instantly by the officials.




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