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Increasing Nova Scotia Immigration Causing concerns overs settlement Funds

Canada, 15th September: Increasing Nova Scotia Immigration is causing concerns over settlement funds.

Yes, that is true.

Increasing Nova Scotia Immigration Causing Concerns over settlement fundsIncreasing Nova Scotia Immigration causing concerns over settlement funds—Increasing Nova Scotia immigration causing concerns over settlement funds. Yes, that is right. Increasing Nova Scotia immigration is an issue of great concern especially when it comes to settlement funds.

“ Increasing Nova Scotia Immigration is causing concerns over settlement funds. “

Immigration is swelling in Nova Scotia these days. There are serious concerns from the NDP with regard to funding to people for settlement. It is being maintained that the funding for settlement of people is not keeping pace with soaring immigration figures in Nova Scotia.

Record high immigration to Nova Scotia--As per the chief executive officer of Nova Scotia office of immigration, Julie Towers, nearly 3,418 new immigrants came to Nova Scotia in first half of 2016. This is more than those arriving in the year 2015. So, the figures are a record.

The increased Nova Scotia immigration figures could be attributed to influx of Syrian refugees, said Towers. She maintained that the figure can reach 7,000 annually. This is good keeping in view the declining and ageing Nova Scotia population.

Will Ottawa increase current immigration limits?—Towers has expressed her concern whether Ottawa will increase its current immigration limits or not. The budget figures reveal a marginal increase shall not be keeping pace with the growing demand for language classes, job training and assistance to schools. This was disclosed by an NDP member Lenore Zann.

The funding for settlement of immigrants is not keeping up, said Zann, She stated that the party has come to know of this from settlement agencies. The cause of concern is that increased numbers of immigrants have not got increased provincial funds needed by them, she clarified.

As per the executive director of the ISANS(Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia), there has been no increase in federal funding despite an increased influx of Syrian refugees over the last year. Gerry Mills further said that the number of provincial nominee clients has gone up by 30 percent.

Keeping in view long waits for settlement funds, many immigrants may leave the province, said Mills.



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