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Indian immigrants in Canada is the reason for unemployment 

With the world economy falling day by day and the rise of economic crunch the youth of Canada is facing a serious unemployment issue. According to a national survey, the rate of unemployment has gone up by 7.2% which is a cause of concern. The primary cause is the Indian immigrants in Canada. On one hand when the youth of Canada is well qualified for a job the agencies prefer to hire the Indian immigrants in Canada. This will in longer run increase the problems of the youth which is not at all acceptable.

How employing Indian immigrants in Canada making the youth suffer?

The present job structure is degrading the worth of local youth. By providing employment to Indian immigrants, it not only affects the youth but also the family. They have spent a lot of fortune in order to make the future of their child secure.

The government should either generate more jobs for the unemployed youth or they should stop employing the Indian immigrants in Canada. They (government) should take an example from other countries like the USA who give preference to their citizens over immigrants which technically is correct.

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What is the biggest concern of the youth?

The youth of Canada is facing two huge problems underemployment and unemployment. They (government) need a new employment model which can bear the challenges of 21st-century youth unemployment. These need to be fixed by the government. Also, the government should regulate the rate of Indian immigrants in Canada so that the youth gets a proper chance.

We have always welcomed people from all parts of the world especially India. But it is totally unfair when they snatch away our jobs while the well-qualified youth of Canada is facing unemployment. Soon a time will come when the youth of Canada will have to vacate to other countries in search of jobs due the Indian immigrants in Canada.

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