New UK Visa Rules at Four selective universities

United Kingdom, 3rd August: New UK visa rules at four selective universities have been introduced.

Yes, that’s true.

New UK visa rules at four selective universitiesNew UK visa rules at four selective universities—New UK visa rules at four selective universities have been introduced. Yes, a two year master’s student pilot scheme has been introduced. This is for foreign students at Bath, Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge universities.

This has been announced by the UK Home Office.

<blockquote> New UK Visa rules have been announced for foreign students at four selected universities. </blockquote>

Which are the four selected UK universities?—The two-year pilot scheme was launched on 25th July, 2016. It is going to ease UK visa rules for those making an application for master’s courses at University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Bath and Imperial College London.

This is being described as a test for a differentiated approach on UK student visas.

The latest move becomes effective after Theresa May becoming PM and her replacement as UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Eligibility checks—Well, it needs to be worth notable that the four named universities shall be responsible for eligibility checks. Yes, that’s true.

However, it needs to be notable that this latest move is not a reintroduction of UK Post-study work visas.

Foreign master’s students can stay in the UK for six months after study completion— Foreign students within the pilot at these four selected universities shall be permitted to stay in the UK for six months. This is after the study completion for finding a graduate job in the UK.

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That’s something wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, indeed.

The aim of this new pilot scheme is to enable participants sufficient time to get jobs through the established UK Tier 2 skilled worker visa route. So, it will test the advantages of a differentiated approach within UK Tier 4 whilst making sure that any changes don’t undermine the application of UK immigration requirements.

Pilot scheme—an encouraging step—It is being stated that the new pilot scheme for master’s students at four selected universities is an encouraging step. The ability to stay in the UK for additional six months after study completion is really great. It will allow talented graduates to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas or study further or add to the talent pool of the UK.