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Canada Immigration Queries and Answers

Canada, 4th August: Let us see some important Canada immigration queries and answers in detail here.

So, here we go.

Canada Immigration Queries and AnswersCanada immigration queries and answers—Let us see now some important Canada immigration queries and answers in detail here. Let us begin now.

What is meant by ‘Areas of training’ for Quebec skilled worker program?—Well, under Quebec Skilled Worker Program, up to 16 points are awarded to any individual’s area of training. Yes, it’s a points based Canada immigration scheme.

<blockquote> Here, we are discussing some significant Canada immigration queries and answers in detail. </blockquote>

This is equal to the diploma/degree of the individual. This could be with certain types of education awarded increased points than others. No effect is there of work experience on points given for area of training.

Revision in number of points awarded for different areas of training is done by Quebec government. This is in keeping with the provincial labor market changes. As of now, occupations in IT, business, trades, natural sciences, engineering and health care are given priority under Quebec Skilled worker program (QSWP).

Any single applicant needs 49 points for getting eligible. Any applicant having an accompanying spouse or a common-law partner needs 57 points. The area of training can provide up to 30 percent of total points of the potential applicant.

Quebec is going to begin accepting new applications for QSWP from 16th August, 2016. Individuals need to create a profile under the program’s Mon projet Quebec online application management system. This is compulsory for those wanting to submit an application.

Can I get conversion from different language test to Canada language Benchmarks in a simplified manner?—Yes, Canadian government has already developed CLBs(Canadian Language Benchmarks) for assessment of language proficiency of immigration applicants.

But, standardized language tests recognized by Canada government don’t give test results using CLBs as measurement units. Each test tests candidates in a different way. This can lead to confusion among people.

For clarity, there is an exclusive tool. Its Canadian Immigration Language Convertor. Users can simply input their test results and see their corresponding CLBs(or vice versa). The tool can work both ways. That’s simply great.


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