Changes to Sponsoring Australia 457 Workers

Changes to Sponsoring Australia 457 Workers

Australia, 5th August: Let us see some latest changes to Sponsoring Australia 457 workers now.

So, here we go.

Changes to Sponsoring Australia 457 workersChanges to sponsoring Australia 457 workers—Let us see some important changes to sponsoring Australia 457 workers now. So, let us start the topic in detail now. Well, to begin with, changes to sponsoring Australia 457 workers were announced on 1st July, 2016. Yes, these changes became effective more than a month ago.

<blockquote> Changes to sponsoring Australia 457 workers have been effective now. </blockquote>

Changes from 1st July—Changes from 1st July are being discussed here now. These changes are strict requirements for employers to sponsor skilled immigrants. Yes, that’s true. There is an increased focus now on the genuineness condition.

It requires employers in Australia to show to Immigration department that there is a position within the business. And it needs the skills of the migrating employee. Also, Australian labor market has been tested adequately for ensuring that no suitably qualified local employee could be found.

Aim of the increased focus on genuineness condition is to ensure that a nominated vacant position was not created to get a migration outcome.

Flags for suggesting a fraudulent nomination—Well, the new changes will now help the immigration department officials to pick out nomination applications that are not genuine. This will be done by certain flags suggesting a fraudulent nomination.

Following are the flags—

  • The information suggests that the nominated position has been created to assist any family member for Australia immigration;
  • The information suggests that tasks of the vacant position do not match with the nominated position tasks described in Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.
  • The nominated vacant position is not consistent with the size/nature of business.

New measures to fast-track process for employers--There are also new rules to fast-track process for employers having good dealings record with immigration department. Such employers are termed as ‘accredited sponsors’.

Accredited sponsors are those having fulfilled some conditions. These include having not less than $4million annual turnover for last three years. Other conditions are having been an active sponsor of 457 visas for not less than three years. Moreover, they have not less than 75 percent of their workforce in Australia of Australian workers.

Validity duration of sponsorship of such sponsor is six years. They get a priority processing for visa and nominated applications.


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