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Australia Fast-track Visa Services for Indians

Australia, 27th May: Australia fast-track visa services for Indians are coming soon.

Yes, that’s true.

Australia Fast-track Visa services for Indians Australia fast-track visa services for Indians—Australia fast-track visa services for Indians are going to begin soon. This is going to be done by Australia government to enhance tourism. It includes a user-pays visa fast-track service for Indians and UAE nationals.

In addition, there will be a three-year multiple entry Australia visa for low-immigration risk nationals hailing from India, Chile, Vietnam and Thailand.

<blockquote> Australia fast-track visa service for Indians is coming up soon. </blockquote>

New Australia fast-track visa service for Indians to attract more revenue—Yes, that is true. The new Australia fast-track visa services for Indians is aimed at attracting increased revenue. The government of Australia says it will be saving nearly $180 million over the period of three years from the next financial year.

This will be done by improvisation of automation in Australia visa processing. In addition, provision of self-service options and use of increased sophisticated assessment capabilities will be there.

Additional fee for Australia fast-track visa services–New rules will bring Australia fast-track visa services for an additional fee of $1,000. The trial is first going to target Chinese nationals wanting to travel to Australia on a short notice(as business visitors or tourists). They should be willing to pay an additional fee.

It needs to be notable that ‘Priority service’ is already there for parent visas. Parent visas are processed quite slowly.

Australia Department of Immigration has clearly announced that it is going to fast-track applications for which applicants can pay for priority processing. However, no committed minimum processing time-frame has been revealed by the department of immigration.

There is no regulatory condition that the application be decided by any specified time-frame despite of the priority processing fee, Australia Department of Immigration revealed.

It said that all efforts shall be made to make a decision within a short time period, but there is no guarantee of any faster results. There could be delays due to issues of character and health which may delay processing, said the Department of Immigration.

If any application does not get approved, then no refund of processing fee shall be made unless the visa application charge gets refunded.

The department made clear that processing times for Australia visitor visas shall not be affected by this service.

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