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Updates on Latest US Visa Waiver Changes

Updates on Latest US Visa Waiver Changes

United States, 28th December: Do you want to know about latest US Visa Waiver changes and whom will they affect?

If yes, then lets together discover here about this topic in detail now. So, here we go.

Latest US Visa WAiver Program Changes Latest US Visa Waiver changes—Prior to the latest US Visa Waiver changes, the US normally waived visa for a period of up to 90 days for nationals and citizens of 38 nations. Such nations needed to be on the US Visa Waiver list and most of such nations are in the EU(European Union).

<blockquote> The US Visa Waiver program changes will mean different rules for nationals and citizens of 38 nations on the list of US Visa Waiver program. </blockquote>

Any person who is eligible under the US Visa Waiver Program(USWP) will, even now, need to fill out an electronic form by the US Department of Homeland Security before proceeding to the US. This means he or she shall be required to get ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) clearance. Its validity duration is of two years.

Changed US Visa Waiver program rules mean those who qualified earlier for ESTA but are having a second citizenship from Syria, Sudan, Iraq or Iran or have earlier visited these nations in the last five years duration shall be affected.

How? They shall have to apply for a US visa now. Meanwhile, its not clear yet if those applying for a US visa still need to get an ESTA or what will be the validity duration of the ESTA clearance.

Working of the US Visa Waiver program 2016—Well, let us now see who shall the US Visa Waiver program work after the latest changes. The new ruling will become effective in 2016. When the new US Visa Waiver program rules become effective in 2016, they will require all desirous applicants to go to a US embassy and make an application for a US visa in person. This could also mean an interview for them too.

Will there be a need to apply every time for going to the US?—No, not many applicants shall be required to go to a US embassy quite often. That’s because a US visa for business and tourism for dual UK citizens will be having a validity duration of 10 years(its costs nearly $160).

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that the duration of the visa shall be determined by the consular officer after doing the background check and the interview.


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