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Telephone Scam – the Latest Threat in the row of Canada Immigration

The federal department of immigration of Canada has warned individuals of the latest kind of fraud in immigration services which is done via telephone. The thugs claim to be citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) officers who call on behalf of the immigration department in order to collect confidential information or asking for payment of a fine to avoid deportation citing fake reasons.

This could happen to any individual who has migrated to Canada on grounds of job in Canada or investment or business. These fraudsters could trick anyone in who has a Canadian visa, the type of skill and nature of job of the individual could be anything ranging from jobs at the Canada health center to jobs at the Canadian embassy.

Telephone Scam Canada Immigration

This kind of fraud is not limited to a region or two, but is spread across whole of Canada as such fraud calls are generated throughout whole of Canada and often instil fear in the immigrant citizens quoting various legal terms and laws of which these immigrants are unaware, and ending the call with the after effect of not paying the fine which in most of the cases is to get deported to native country. Other threats include arrest warrants, serving jail, losing the work permit and loss of immigration.

The other strategy on which the fraudsters bank upon is asking or conforming personal details which might include their date of birth, landing date, passport details ,bank details information, credit card details and even their social insurance number (SIN). However, it should be kept in mind that no federal departmentwould ever ask such information especially over the phone. You can also contact an immigration lawyer for knowing your basic legal rights and laws related to fine on immigrants and deportation.

CIC has also come up with measures to tackle these fraudsters by educating the immigrants about their practices which is to protect the confidentiality of the information of their clients, they also released the fact that the CIC never asks for the ways as asked by the frauds over the phone.

Other methods to check the genuineness as released by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada include asking the name of the agent and inquiring about him with the CIC call centre. Calling the local police would be the safest of all if encountered by a threatening call and also report the incident to the Canadian anti-fraud centre..

Not only the CIC but also the Canadian police have displayed the essential information about the deceptive calls on their websites. They are all geared up to bust these fraudsters but they need the Canadian immigrants to be strong and appeal for their help in case anyone even has a pinch of information about the telephone scammers. Together the citizens and government could help make Canada the best place for immigrants.

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