Increase in Australia Visa and Australia Citizenship Charges

Australia, 16th May: Charges for Australia visas and Australia citizenship have went up.

This has been revealed by the Budget 2015 announced recently.

Australia Visa and Citizenship CostsAustralia Visa costs up—Australia visa costs have shot up following the announcement of Budget 2015 by Australia government. Australia government is going to raid the lucrative foreign business and tourist markets by increasing Australia visa costs.

Increased Australia Citizenship costs—Australia Citizenship costs are also up now. The Abbott government will be compelling those wishing to get Australia Citizenship to pay the full cost of the service.

<blockquote> Australia Visa costs and Australia citizenship costs have gone up following the announcement of Australia Budget 2015. </blockquote>

As per the details, Australia government will be raising around $440 million in the period of four years by introducing increased Australia visa application costs.

Increased Australia visas costs from 1st July—So, come 1st July, 2015 and Australia government will have increased the costs of Australia visa application. As per the information, the increase will be for a variety of Australia visa categories.

Increased Australia Citizenship Costs from 1st January, 2016—With effect from 1st January, 2016, Australia Citizenship costs will go up. This was revealed by Australia government. The aim of Australia government is to meet the whole cost of the service by charging increased fee for visas and by compelling those wanting to get Australia citizenship.

Who will be affected by new Australia visa fee changes?—Well, it needs to be worth mentioned that the new Australia visa fee will be affecting those who are living offshore and wish to travel to Australia.

Foreign charges shall be brought into alignment with Australia visa costs incurred in Australia, with the exception of Australia child visas.

Domestic charges shall be cut for matching existing charges, in case of Australia child visas.

The budget has maintained that the full cost recovery for Australia Citizenship costs is quite consistent with Australia government Cost Recovery Guidelines. It is underpinned by the fact that recovery helps equity where the recipients of any government service bear such costs, rather than being the general public.

No details are available with regard to Australia visa fee increases.

Meanwhile, it has been maintained that the affect will help the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s bottom line by nearly $103m in the initial year. By the year 2018-19, it will rise to $113m.

The latest changes are aimed at cracking on wealthy foreign property investors.

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