Biometrics on every visitor in Canada


British workers willing to emigrate have been finding it harder because of the recession that takes hold in overseas countries.


Skilled immigration programme of Australia that helped in relocating thousands of workers from the UK is going to be downsized.

Australia is following the priority factor while processing applicants of skilled visas. The aim is to fulfill the skills that are critically required in the economy. Priority has been given to applications that are of employer and state-sponsored, as they target to fill the missing workforce. Next on priority list will be that of independent Australia visa applicants of nominated skills.

Greg Veal from Expat Management Services has said that because of the impact of recession on Australia, processing of visas has become very tough. He has assured growth in immigration opportunities as the economy recovers gradually.

Though Canada has also bore the brunt of recession, but the government does not plan to reduce the number of immigration this year. British Canada and Alberta have an estimate of requirement of 600,000 foreign workers in coming five years.

Canadian immigration specialists have said that visa programme of skilled workers permits qualified professionals and tradesmen to migrate and settle as permanent resident. These professionals are nurses, plumbers, electrician and crane operators.

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