Canadian PR Visa via Express Entry. Know what is the eligibility score

If you have decided to opt for a Canadian PR Visa via Express Entry- you need to have eligible score point. Go through the following details to know about the score points-

What is the minimum score point in the Express Entry for obtainig a Canadian PR Visa?

The score card is divided into different categories. You must score at least 67 points to be eligible. The upper limit of the score may extend up to 1200 points.

All you wanted to know about Express Entry Point System of Immigration
All you wanted to know about Express Entry Point System of Immigration

How can I secure points to become eligible?

The minimum score is 67 points which depend on various factors. Factors may include- Language proficiency, work experience in Canada, education level and other similar details.

What is the background of Express Entry System?

Migrating to Canada with Canadian PR via Express Entry is a good option but one has to understand the system. The Express Entry System allocates points (CRS score) to the applicants. Express Entry System (or EES) is a latest and well organised point-based immigration system incorporated by the Canadian government.

What is CSR and how it can affect my Canadian PR Visa via EES?

Applying for a Canadian PR Visa via Express Entry means one should have good CSR ranking. Your score should be anywhere between 480 to 600. If you secure such score you will raise your chances to get Canadian PR Visa via Express Entry. If a person scores less than 480 points they have the option of provisional nomination and job bank.

What are the criteria for CRS and its detailed overview?

If a person wants to raise his chances to get a Canadian PR Visa via Express Entry they have to secure points in specified factors. Following are the factors, divided into different groups according to the score distribution.

Have a look.

(Please note the following detail is only for basic information purpose and one should not totally rely on it).

  • Core/human capital factors: (Without spouse or common-law partner)

Age- 110 points

Education level- 150 points

Languages proficiency- 160 points

Work experience in Canada- 80 points

  • Spouse or common-law partner factor:

Education level- 10 points

Languages proficiency- 20 points

Work experience in Canada- 10 points


  • Skill Transfer-ability factors:

Education- maximum 50 points

With proficient language skills and a post-secondary degree: 50 points

With work experience in Canada and a post-secondary degree-50 points

  • Points per factor for Express Entry candidates:

Offer of employment from Canadian employer- 600 points

Provisional Nomination Scheme Approval Certificate- 600 points

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